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All In by Ava Drake
by Cat Clontz     July 15, 2017    
(Updated: July 15, 2017)

A Wild Adventure

All In pairs two polar ends of the spectrum. Sebastian is a pessimistic realist who expects the world to let him down and feels he can only rely on himself.  Zane is an optimistic realist who knows that happiness needs to be grabbed where it can, because while life isn’t all roses, it’s worth the effort.  One of their first encounters included a fun dialogue that sets the amusing tone the characters have throughout the entire narrative:
 “I don’t know whether to laugh at you or run screaming, Zane declared, staring at him doubtfully.
“I get that reaction a lot.”
The narrative is an alternating third person, past tense point of view.  Taking place solely in New York City, there are so many location changes that it feels like a grand adventure through the country rather than one single city.  
From airports to high rises, hotels to opera houses, and photo shoots to fascinating gems of hidden rooms, this constant movement adds layers upon layers to an already intriguing mystery/suspense aspect of what is already a good book, taking it up to another level.  It is fast-paced over a short amount of time, but it feels like the togetherness is so much longer because of how it is written.
The chemistry between the pair is dynamic, yet takes a fairly long time to go anywhere.  I love a good slow burn leading into exhilarating sexy times, and All In delivers!  
Zane could crawl inside that kiss and never come out.  He gave himself over to it, shocked to be owned and worshipped, dominated and cherished, all at the same time. 
The emotional growth of both main characters is substantial, and they do so by learning about each other.  The peripheral cast is quite short, but Sebastian’s quiet yet ever-present driver Etienne and his unfailing ability to know what to do at any given time are highly influential throughout the book.
By the end of the book, I discovered I was sad to say goodbye.  These men and their story were four stars of great fun, and I most definitely recommend you pick up this book.  I avidly look forward to the next in this addicting series of standalone novels!
I voluntarily read an ARC copy of this book for Divine Magazine from Dreamspinner Presswith hopes for but no obligation to provide a review.

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