Al Jacobi Shares His New Rap and Hip Hop EP

Written by Aiden Faire

Al Jacobi is the popular electronic singer/songwriter rapper and Hip Hop artist making waves with his catchy beats, powerful lyrics, and earth-shattering melodies.

The rapper just released his new EP, Felt Acute, Might Delete Later Chapter 2, which is the second release in a series of three about a party culture that isn’t always all that inclusive. Why can’t you be sober and dance at a party without the judging eyes of others? How does a man set boundaries in the nightlife? What do you do when the girl you’ve texted with every for the last month pretends not to know you in public? And where do you find peace in a youth that to others is all about wilding out?

These are questions that I can relate to as I have never been one for drinking or drug use, but do like to go out and have a good time. It’s a topic that’s rarely spoken about and one that’s often frowned upon as a wild nightlife is the more popular stance.

While Chapter 1 speaks on not being invited to the party, Chapter 2 speaks on actually being at the party but still feeling like a misfit. “I personally stopped drinking 10 years ago, and so the project is about dealing with the social exclusion I’ve had to deal with ever since, but it’s very much also about standing up for yourself,” shares Al Jacobi.

The 5 song EP has a big Travis Scott in style and an Eminem in lyrical depth and meaning. It contains heavy rap songs “Two Fucks,” “Think I’m on Drugs,” and “Popular,” and hip hop based songs in “What You Want” and “How To Be Young.” Each song tackles the powerlessness and feeling left out. The line in “How To Be Young” summarizing the EP perfectly, “nothing gets off till I’m gone.”

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