Ahmen Drops Empowering New Single “LOVE LETTER” ft. Anjelica Sky and Jeremy Paxton

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Rising hip-hop artist Ahmen recently dropped his single, “LOVE LETTER” ft. Anjelica Sky and Jeremy Paxton, the first release off of his upcoming album Per Aspera Ad Astra.

The powerful single encourages listeners to speak up and invite change, on their own terms as culture shapers. Uplifting, impactful, and on a quest for justice, the track is Ahmen’s direct response to the demands of young people for a more just and joyful world. CEO and keynote speaker by day and hip-hop star by night, Ahmen perfectly fuses the two worlds of his non-profit organization, Our Turn, and his musical career.

“The journey to social justice isn’t only a story of struggle – it’s a story of joy, elevation, and even swagger. ‘LOVE LETTER’ represents the uplifting power of people in the midst of a generational quest for justice.” – Ahmen

“LOVE LETTER” is the beginning of Ahmen changing the world with his music. As the first single on his forthcoming album, fans have much more to look forward to. Make sure to listen to check out the single here. Follow Ahmen’s musical and social journey on Instagram or here

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