Afonso Luz

Afonso releases second smokey soul and jazz-influenced single ‘Luz’

‘Luz’ is the second release from Afonso. The song represents a self-analysis, where the singer focusses on his necessity of development and discovery within himself, although the song was written for the minds that don’t recognise this quality.

‘Luz’, meaning light in Portuguese – the singer’s mother tongue, acts as a teaching piece, almost like an enlightenment for the listener. To Afonso, this phenomenon has been very important throughout his life and it’s what makes him feel whole, so he sings to underline the fact that it’s only possible to reach this thought through the level of sincerity you have with yourself, your emotions and your journey. It’s by facing his demons that the singer frees himself of negative thoughts and welcomes happiness. Through the heartfelt chords, groovy percussion and the wave-like harps and strings, Afonso sets himself by the seashore – the place where he feels most at ease and connected with himself.

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