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Advice On Touring The US Wilderness

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Travel isn’t just about luxe hotel rooms and fine dining; there’s a lot more to seeing the world than that. A big part of getting an authentic feel for the world is experiencing its most amazing natural sites and attractions first hand.

If this summer you’re hoping to spend some time touring the US wilderness, you’ve come to the right place. Packed full of useful tips and tricks, this guide, has everything that you need to know about planning a trip to the US wilderness.

The essentials you’ll need:

The most important item you will need is a tent or motorhome, either will do. What you opt for will depend on where you are going, your budget, and what you would prefer. A lot of people prefer to stay in an RV rather than a tent because it provides more protection and has everything that you could possibly need on board. However, for a truly authentic experience, a tent tends to be the option of choice.


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A map is crucial. Regardless of whether you’ve got a satnav, it’s also essential that you have a map. There’s no guarantee that your satnav will have signal everywhere, so having a map on hand is also important. That way, should your satnav stop working, you’re covered.

A backpack full of survival items is also a must, especially if you plan on exploring. A flashlight, water bottle, food, blankets, and a first aid kit should be kept in your backpack at all times. If you have any medication that you need, that should also be kept to hand. It may also be worth packing a satellite phone, so that no matter where you are, you are able to call for help, should you need it.

The best places to visit and explore:


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The US is home to some amazing locations, many of which are ideal for exploring while on vacation. Of course, Yellowstone and Yosemite National Parks are the most well-known of these. But there are also some other less famous places that you can visit and explore.

Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky is a great place to visit and explore. Underneath the rugged hills of Kentucky, likes an impressive cavern system that stretches for more than 400 miles. Many of the explored caves are open to the public and are ideal for exploring while on vacation. You can choose to explore on your own, but unless you’re a seasoned caver, it’s not advised. There are tours on offer each day into the caves for less experienced cavers.

A great place to visit if you’re a wildlife lover is Georgia’s wildlife refuges located along the coast. These vast areas of watery marshland are home to some amazing insects, animals, and birds, and are a prime location for bird watching. They’re also great for kayaking and fishing, although you will need a permit to fish here.

Lake Tahoe is another fantastic location if you’re a nature lover. While it’s known for being expensive, if you’re smart about which area you visit, it doesn’t have to be. If you opt to camp, this is the perfect place for an outdoor vacation. Here you can swim, fish, kayak, and hike – there’s plenty to keep you occupied.

Hopefully, this guide has helped to give you a better idea of what’s needed for a wilderness trip in the US. As well as giving you some ideas of all the best places to visit and explore.

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