Advantages of Using a Teleprompter

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Unless you regularly star in YouTube videos or speak in public, you’ve likely never used a teleprompter. But just because you’ve never used one, doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be helpful. So, what are the advantages of using a teleprompter? Read on to learn why you might want to use one while acting or delivering a speech.

Gives Speakers Confidence

One of the scariest parts of giving a speech or performing on stage is the potential to suddenly forget your next line. When you use a teleprompter, you’ll always have your speech or bullet points in front of you to remind you of what to say next. Having those notes gives speakers added security, allowing them to focus on delivering the speech well rather than worrying about remembering the next line.

Allows for Focus on Audience or Camera

Because of the way they are positioned, teleprompters encourage interaction with the audience and the camera. Depending on which of the types of teleprompters a speaker uses, their attention will be turned toward a different location. For example, a camera-mounted teleprompter allows the speaker to look directly at the camera lens while reading lines, while a floor or stand version naturally directs a speaker’s gaze toward the audience.

Reduces the Number of Takes

Have you ever experienced the frustration of needing to redo a take five times because you kept messing up your lines? Such mistakes can be frustrating for both the speaker and the crew. Using a teleprompter reduces the number of takes required to get a good shot, as well as the amount of time needed for filming.

Increases Precision of Delivery

Even if you write out a speech and practice for hours, when you get up on stage, it may come out differently than you meant it to. In situations where precise wording of a speech is very important, a teleprompter can remind you of the exact words and phrasing of a speech.

These four advantages of using a teleprompter make it a worthwhile investment for those who deliver speeches, act, or film videos on a regular basis. In some cases, it may be better to present without the aid of a teleprompter, but it’s certainly beneficial to have one on hand if the need arises.

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