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Add warmth to your home- clever interior design ideas

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Winter’s freezing nights and shorter days mean the holiday season in on the corner, bringing family, relatives and friends together to fill our homes with love, joy and laughter. Whether you are curling up on the sofa with your partner or alone with a cup of tea, or hosting out-of-town guests, you can turn your home into a cozy, warm and more inviting space to spend the holidays in during this chilly months.

Textures, fabrics and organic elements will help you create a pleasant and warm interior design that offers an inviting retreat from freezing weather and helps to relax in comfort. Warm color shades, comfy furniture pieces, and chic patterns add charm and a welcoming feel. Colors can influence your mood and create calming and exciting space. Warm shades feel relaxing and secure, warming and optimistic. Yellow paint and golden yellow accessories are often associated with happy sunshine. Red colors are dramatic and intense, while orange paint is optimistic and festive, and is excellent for energetic and cheerful interior decor. These three colors, yellow, red and orange, are excellent winter decor ideas for creating cozy, warm and pleasant homes.

Lighting is also an important element that should not be neglected. During winter we don’t get enough light. You can add some extra pendant lights and chandeliers to illuminate the space. Table lamps and wall lights with shades in some warm colors can fill interiors with comfort and warmth.

Create a Warm Couch

Creating a snuggle-worthy couch is a must during the winter season. The key of creating such a cozy couch is to keep comfort top of mind when choosing throws, pillows and blankets. To ease your life, choose fabrics that are machine washable. So, if you don’t find your sofa attractive, cover it up with blankets, sheets and throws in different textures and patterns.

Warm Up the Cold Walls

If your house’s walls are icy, then up to 33% of the heat is escaping and you are paying for it. Due to heat loss from the lack of insulation, overheating homes was once a standard practice during winter. To warm up the walls, you can use wall tapestries. They are an easy decor fix. Plus, the heavier the material, the better for your space. A fabric feature wall will warm up the icy walls. So, if you want to improve your DIY skills, and make something on your own, then try to apply cloth on the walls.

A Fix for Frigid Floors

A cozy rug will provide some warming insulation in rooms with cold hard floors. Even better, layering several will create a warm and stylish barrier that will keep your toes warm. Handmade rugs are very stylish and chic and the higher the number and the denser the material the better. If you can’t afford handmade rugs, don’t despair. Machine made rugs are also a good solution, as they can take the chill off frigid floors too.

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