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Adam Jones – Teaser Follow Up

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Divine Magazine recently featured Adam and his film ‘Teaser’. As a writer, I always find its really enlightening to have the ideas behind the creation; to see the facts that make up the final product and perhaps gain insight into the creator’s moods and perspective when watching or reading something.

So when Adam sent this over to me and asked me if we’d be interested in showcasing it in the magazine, of course I said yes.

You can see the original post and watch the trailer here


Written by Adam Jones

Released April 28th, 2015 to


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The cover art for the short film is a young girl watching a television special, a demonic hand shadows above her; the perfect fit for my project. The film opens with a burst of static, my videos always seem to lend to this type of thing. The opening really was a playful type of approach to the story. My story is wild, why not be hopping on a bed flipping my hair around? Well… it just fits. During the time I encountered my rock bottom I let a tweaker shave my hair off. I had a Britney moment, but I needed a drastic change in my appearance to figure out who I was. The next cut is driving to Woodside Apartments off of Fulton Ave in Sacramento, CA. I spent a good 9 months of tweaking at this complex. I revisited the apartment number, routes I would usually spend walking for hours. We shot it in a dream-like sequence, on 8mm filters. Definitely gave me chills being at this location. My worst times were spent here, I was so confused.

After we shot some footage my boyfriend and I jumped in the heated pool.

The next cut was definitely in a darker direction. Over the last 3 months, I edited the short film in an odd fashion. Every 2 weeks I would edit a 2 minute segment. Going to a location and shooting some footage, then pulling a few missing pieces from stock footage.

Taking a break for a couple weeks and revisiting the footage when I had the vision again.

For this specific cut, “The Path to Destruction” I wanted to capture a path to darkness. I went in a montage route for this because I could say some many things within 2 seconds.

The score was the most important part for the story, I researched so many composers. I love setting videos to orchestra… to me it’s my favorite part.  This scene represents loosing yourself to the devil; it’s my path to madness. Being consumed by other broken men like I once was.

So we made it to 05:25, running away from my issues. All the imagery really lends itself to the point of no return. The audio is a recording of a few treatment centers I attempted to contact in the past. No matter how bad it got I really thought that my life was better outside of treatment. The visuals I show really symbolically represent that life is horrible for me outside of a recovery center. The Amy Winehouse remix is a bit of a cliché.

The film begins to climax with a clip of a distraught mother. The black shadow under the young mans eyes really show the family dynamic happening here. My mom is searching for answers; I’ve reached my rock bottom. The “fun” is over; we think that we may have found an answer. The black and white theme fades; Napa, CA, the beautiful scenery, the vibrant colors of the hills. Driving to Azure Acres Treatment Center was such a beautiful & spiritual time for me. I spread my arms wide over a heaven-like CGI effect.

I’m free

Adam and his short film can be found here:

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