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Adam Jones – Filmmaker with grit and flair

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Adam is no stranger to Divine. He’s a filmmaker and editor and lives in Sacramento, California

We did a feature on him before and you can see both of them here, about his film ‘Teaser’.

He’s still busy making films and his latest production is 234 East 14th $treet-The Final Chapter, which is the conclusion to ‘Teaser’. Teaser was just screened in South Africa as part of the Durban Gay & Lesbian Film Festival.

This new short film, one of a series of four episodes, is based on Adam’s school experiences from high school and events and experiences that took place in his teenage years in New York City, then follows his path to moving to San Francisco, California where he became an escort, and deals with his past as a drug addict. This film is more of a documentary, with dream like visuals and flashback sequences. The music score of this film is inspired by the movie ‘Milk’ and Tim Burton’s ‘Edward Scissorhands’.


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You can see the trailer below

It will be available on YouTube on September 17th, one day before Lana Del Ray’s ‘Honeymoon’ album is released. Adam is an avid fan of the lady and her music.

He did an interview with Sacramento News and Review recently and you can see that here. It’s an inspiring story and a dark one and I for one am proud to know this young man and see how he’s trying to make a difference. It’s people like Adam who have earned the right to be a voice in the LGBTQ community – they’ve worn the tee shirt and can tell everyone else just how it feels against their skin.

Divine wants to take this opportunity to wish Adam all the best in his film making career and we hope he continues to inform, educate and stir the emotions of the people he’s trying to get a message to.


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