Acclaimed Pop Indie Artist Kingsley Unveils Women’s Empowerment Song & Video “I’m Fine” As First Single From Forthcoming Album

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Renowned indie pop artist Kingsley first earned critical acclaim in 2017 when she found herself at the forefront of Portland’s fierce, female-led underground music scene with her hit single “Ghost” and subsequent EP I Am Because I Am (2018). Hailed as an artist who has “crafted a sound that transcends genres and challenges expectations (PRP),” the singular singer-songwriter is now back as she unveils her first full-length album starting with the indomitable “I’m Fine” song and video.

According to Kingsley, the debut track – as well as the rest of the music from her forthcoming album Crying On Holidays (slated for Spring 2021) – embodies a more mature sound that is “shaping into its own.” She explains that “I’m Fine” is especially reminiscent of the House Music she grew up listening to in her native city of Chicago while its lyrical content and message of self-empowerment were the result of a recent break-up.

“‘I’m Fine’ is a really dope statement about how I feel about my past relationship,” said Kingsley. “I’m giving power back to this phrase. I’m saying that I am legit doing fine without him and, after you listen to this tune, you will too, honey.”

Kingsley co-wrote “I’m Fine” with friend and #WomxnCrush Music Founder and CEO Ashley Kervabon-Stoyanov. The song also features Amy Evans on background vocals, Jack Mortensen as producer/beat maker and was mixed and mastered at Sunset Digs by Sean Berhamen.

To support the release of the single, Kingsley has also teamed up with an all-Black American, female team to produce the inspiring “I’m Fine” video. The entire cast and crew for the video, including director, choreographer, camera women, photographers, stylists, and dancers were all Black-American, female women from Portland.

“It was very important for me to, first, work with an all-Black team and, second, that the team be all women,” said Kingsley. “Why was this important? Because, I live in Portland, which is a very white city and I have had the honor to work with so many talented people but not as many people-of-color as I would have liked.
Showcasing amazing Black women, who live in Portland, means the world to me.”

“I’m Fine” is the first in a series of singles and videos that Kingsley will be releasing prior to her Spring album launch. According to the artist, she plans to unveil each new track on the 15th of the month and the video on the last day of the month.

The “I’m Fine” single is available now on all DSPs

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