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A Year in Review of author Naughty Tommy’s erotica

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Where did you get the idea for Discovery Voyage?

Discovery Voyage is loosely based on several cruise ship experiences I had myself. I love cruise ships. And, its a continuation of the Wildwood bareback series with our recently dumped at the Altar, straight stud, Brendan is a new character.

Did you expect your Wildwood bareback series to take-off?

Honestly, no. I didn’t intend on writing a series; however, the flow of the characters and story-line keeps going.

Why write such bareback tales?

Because it’s a fantasy world my fans can immerse themselves into. Besides it has a naughtiness towards it…also, it gives a raw emotion of true love through sex.

Since we last spoke, any updates?

I wrote three eroticas: Bareback Ops: the Nubian PrinceSeducing Coach and of course, Discovery Voyage.

Still purchasing Jack Daniels with those royalty checks? 

Nope, I’ve upgraded for taking my husband out for dinner at BJ’s (laughs). Its a local bar/restaurant chain. Gosh, my readers have such dirty minds!

I’ve noticed a slower pace of publishing, was that deliberated?

Not really. My husband wanted more of my time. So, I’ve slowed down my writing schedule. However, my Facebook fans see me nearly daily.

And, any parting advice for would-be authors? 

Two things (which are posted above my laptop): Your sentences should 1). reveal the characters and 2). advance the action (story-line).

Thank for making the time, and best of success in the coming year. 

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