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A Xmas tune 2 ways for U

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Catch the 2 TOP VERSIONS of this iconic song.

First off… In 1997 Sultry Jazz Pop singer, actress,   CYNTHIA BASINET whose ICONIC version of SANTA BABY, that has often been mistaken for Marilyn Monroe all though Marilyn never sang the song, has been the inspiration behind every version of Santa Baby recorded to date, whether or not it’s well-known. Plus its the only one approved by Ertha Kiti herself.  This tune is  a true homage to the famous Cat Woman herself…


The 2nd is a  Dance  REMIX  by Cheryl Reid done in 2014 and it’s still a dance hit!  This  EDM version  of Santa Baby  has repeatedly been TOPS on   the dance charts and a DJ favourite all thanks to STARFLEET MUSIC RECORD POOL.  Cheryl decided to do her first ever Holiday Tune, one that was not religious, one that she could just go in and have FUN with.  When listening to the song you can tell she had a blast doing it!

Cynthia.. The quirky natural beauty with sparkling versatility as an entertainer, Cynthia Basinet was born in Van Nuys, California. A resilient star, a rare inspirational gem of entertainment, combining her experience as an actor, performer, a sought after American fashion model in Europe during the rise of the supermodel, as well as being recognized as a remarkable humanitarian¸ She has addressed the UN on numerous occasion of issues facing the Saharwian peoples living in self-determination.  With crowning distinctions as a classically trained musician (she learnt the saxophone and flute as a child), Cynthia is one of the best jazz singers in the world today and is capable of conjuring up Hollywood’s golden era of glamour from American history with her critically acclaimed performances and sultry jazz recordings. Her exquisite, speak-easy singing style smouldering with elegant mastery has ensconced Basinet as a cultural living treasure of the American jazz canon.  More info can be found over at   Find her on Twitter  @cynthiabasinet

CHERYL, a native of Gastonia NC and now in LA also heads her own label LOTUS Records. Embracing the teachings of Buddha and the Lotus Sutra, another Tina Turner akin, along with the mantra Namu Myōhō Renge Kyō to “attain perfect and complete awakening”; the mission of the label is to develop, promote and attain awakening talent, bringing their dreams to fruition. As her idol Tina Turner once said, “Anything is possible”.  For further information on Lotus Records/Bungalo/UMGD  check out and follow on Twitter @TheCherylReid

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