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A Short Week in Sydney: What, Where, When

No matter how much time you have in Sydney, two weeks or just humble 5 days, there are ways that will get you familiarized with the city and allow you to enjoy it to the fullest. So, here is a little itinerary for your Sydney stay that will ensure you return home full of new memories.

Start your sightseeing with a bus tourStart your sightseeing with a bus tour

Many people miss on this classic sightseeing “tool” but hop-on-hop-off buses are really amazing. They are cheap, practical and will take you next to the most famous sights in Sydney. Start your Sydney week by purchasing a ticket for a tour bus that uses over 20 stops and takes you through the city and nearby Bondi on an easy and relaxed ride. You can cruise and enjoy the narration or use the bus to get around—it’s your choice.

Check out the famous Opera House

Once you get a bit more familiar with Sydney, it’s time to see its star—the Sydney Opera House. This site is truly iconic, and you just can’t go back home without seeing it in person. You can admire its architecture and take a seat nearby. Make sure your camera is charged though because you’re almost guaranteed to get amazing shots on a clear and sunny day. But, if you’re a real music fan, you can take a tour backstage and learn all sorts of trade secrets you can’t pick up during a regular concert. Wait until the sunset and finish your first day with a view of this world-famous building.

Soak up some artSoak up some art

You can start your second day in Sydney with a small art lesson. Visit the Art Gallery of New South Wales,  the best gallery in the country and the one with a worldwide reputation. You’ll get the chance to see a variety of European, Asian, Australian and contemporary art, but also get to know Aboriginal artists and skills. The best thing? The entrance is free and the gallery is located just a brief walk from the city center!

Enjoy the greenery

While you’re there, take a short walk to the neighboring building and explore some gorgeous Australian flora at Royal Botanic Gardens. This is a perfect time to relax, unwind and learn a few things about plants because the place is super serene and educational. You’ll also get the chance to capture some breathtaking shots of the Opera House and Sydney Harbor, so make sure to bring your camera. This attraction is also free, so here’s a perfect chance to spend an entire day exploring Sydney on a budget!

Get your adrenaline doze

If you’re an adventurer, Sydney has a few amazing things that will definitely get your blood pumping. For instance, you can book a Sydney Harbor Bridge climb and see what Sydney looks from above. The climb is fun and the view is spectacular.

Have an authentic Australian drink

Australians are famous for their quality wine and beer, but there’s more to this country than just these two beverages. So, if you’re a big whiskey or gin lover, make sure to book an Archie Rose distillery tour where you can find out how your fave drinks are made, aged and properly consumed. People from the distillery also organize all sorts of different events like Conversation Bar with special guests where you can become a part of the Sydney cultural scene. You can also take a cocktail masterclass or even blend your own gin or whiskey! It’s really a perfect activity for the evening.

Get close and personal with Australian animalsGet close and personal with Australian animals

Don’t worry, only the nice and fluffy kinds! Australia is known for its unique wildlife you can’t find anywhere else outside the country. From bouncy kangaroos and cute koalas to mysterious platypi, Tasmanian devils and wombats, Oz will leave you breathless with its exotic species. And, you can see them up close at Taronga Zoo. Just a short ferry ride will take you to this animal kingdom where you can gaze at fauna, take wildlife lessons, feed the animals and even sleep over in luxurious safari tents in an after-hours adventure! The zoo is big and fun enough to spend the entire day in exploration!  If you can’t get enough of Aussie animals, you can visit the nearby Featherdale wildlife park and have other animal encounters.

Chill out at the beach

After four days of heavy paced adventure, it’s time to catch some sun and relax. And there’s no better place to relax than Sydney beaches! From November to March, the beach is the place to be, so don’t miss the chance to experience this part of Australian life. When you find your spot, you can soak up the sun and enjoy a cocktail or try your hand at some of the fast-paced water spots. You can go swimming, snorkeling, surfing or water skiing. Make sure to check out Bondi beach, the most famous of all beaches in Sydney, but if you’re looking a secluded spot to have a romantic date, opt for one of these hidden gems.

Of course, if you love your five days in Sydney, you’ll surely want to go back for a proper vacation and get to know the city in a more personal way.


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