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A New Beginning for Angelo by Morticia Knight

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Book Series
A Hampton Road Club Story
About the Author
M/M Erotic Romance author Morticia Knight enjoys hot stories of men loving men forever after. They can be men in uniform, Doms and subs, rock stars or bikers - but they're all searching for the one (or two!) who was meant only for them.

When not indulging in her passion for books, she loves the outdoors, film and music. Once upon a time she was the singer in an indie rock band that toured the West Coast and charted on U.S. college radio. She is currently working on more installments of Sin City Uniforms and The Hampton Road Club, as well as the follow-up to Bryan and Aubrey's story from Rockin' the Alternative.
Publication Date
July 10, 2018
Available Formats
mobi, epub, pdf
Content Warning
 history of parental abuse, off-page mentioned cheating
Angelo wonders if the Hampton Road Club will offer him a new beginning, and whether he can love two men at the same time.

Angelo escaped his family’s farm to be with his first and only love in Los Angeles. He meets up with him at Walter’s speakeasy, but their reunion is short-lived when Angelo discovers that his lover is embracing the Roaring Twenties with as many men and as much hooch as he can. With nowhere to stay and no job prospects, Angelo faces an uncertain and scary future.

Ex-prizefighters Bruce and George enjoy their employment at the Hampton Road Club for more than one reason. They can indulge in their passion for sadomasochism and search for the boy who will be the submissive they keep forever. Unfortunately, none of the men at Hampton Road are good prospects. When they run into a forlorn Angelo in the alley outside a speakeasy, their protective instincts kick in. But will they want to do more than just protect Angelo? And will the shy and inexperienced man embrace a lifestyle he never knew existed?

Publisher's Note: This book is linked to the Hampton Road Club series

Editor review

1 review
Great Companion Novella!
Reviewed for Divine Magazine


  POV: 3rd person, three POV's (for each MC)
 Would I read it again?: Of course!
 Genre: MM, Historical, BDSM, Romance, Bouncers
 Pairings: MMM, MM
 Heat Level: ★★★★☆
 Content warning: history of parental abuse, off-page mentioned cheating

 I've been a fan of the Hampton Road Club series since I read the first book. I was spellbound by the incredible writing and the art of storytelling that held me captive to each moment and page that passed. This story is no different.

 The moment I read Bruce and George together in book 5, I was intrigued by the two men. You could tell that there had to be a good story where two dominant men had been together a while before finding their perfect submissive. By the time Angelo was introduced, he was such a sweet, slightly naive young man that I just knew he was perfect. He needed to be cared for, though he had a strong sense of self and pride that meant he wasn't a carpet to be walked on, and Bruce and George were ready and willing to take on that responsibility of teaching and guiding him, and taking care of him.

 Their first meeting was so sweet. Angelo had just been through the emotional wringer and it was the perfect time for someone to come along and make sure he wasn't taken advantage of. I loved that Bruce and George tried to guide him as much as possible, without overwhelming him, and that Angelo took some time to shake off his old habits. I also really appreciated the final meeting with Martin, because I'd been hoping for a final confrontation all the way through. I love how it was handled, as well as how Angelo was introduced to Hampton Road by the boys. They really tried to make it gradual without sugarcoating the truth or treating him as a delicate child.

 I did have a slight issue with believing for a moment that he was being accosted by someone else, when he made his protestations about trouble, and it wasn't until later that I realised he was frightened by how Bruce and George appeared. That, as well as a single instance of character mis-labelling were slightly off-putting, but considering that they were the only two mistakes that I could find, that wasn't such a big deal.

 Though, this book didn't come with a specific order to be read, it should probably be placed as 4.5, since it's mentioned in book 5 that they have a new boy they're “breaking in”. That would mean more if you had read this short story first. However, I did feel like this was possible to read as a standalone, as perhaps an introduction to the series, as a short sampler to give them an idea of what the series would involve. It pretty much sums everything up nicely, without having too many characters from the series make an appearance.


 Favourite Quotes

 “He'd never gone all sweet on a guy the way he had with Bruce, but there was something about him that hit on all sixes.”

 “The irony was that the one person he wished to lavish all his wealth on was the only one who wasn't clamoring for it.”
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