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A Mini-Guide to Home Maintenance

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Every one of us has a dream of owning a perfect home, but often invest more time and energy on the actual purchase, investing a huge budget on the décor accessories to make it look more luxurious and welcoming. But we often ignore the principle of home maintenance. Home maintenance is all about preventing your existing décor from wearing out, and applying and using preventive strategies beforehand to make your one-time investment secure for at least a couple of years.  This article is a mini-guide to help equip you with some secrets of home maintenance and repair costs.

Do a bi-monthly check of your HVAC filters

The best guiding principle to home maintenance can be a regular check of your HVAC filters. The previous owner may not have cleared them of dust, so it’s advisable to check them on a bi-monthly basis. If they’re dark and dirty-looking, purchase suitable replacements from your local hardware store. Clogged filters can prove ineffective and might also cause a huge increase in your gas and electricity bills.

Give your house an occasional deep clean

Giving your house a thorough cleaning every six months will help keep your home neat and tidy for the rest of the year. This can be both a budget and time-saving activity if every person in the house works on a designated area, rather than one person doing the entire task on their own. Focusing on hidden spots such as window corners and chimneys will help get rid of dust before it accumulates.

Maintenance of your garden (Outdoor space)

Outdoor space holds as much importance as the indoors, so while maintaining the look of your home, pay special attention to the exterior. A well-kept garden is a key to a well-maintained home. Make sure that your garden is free of all the weeds and that your trees and shrubs are well trimmed. If you have decorative vines, their maintenance will help create a peaceful, natural environment.

Repair your furniture at home

If your furniture is in reasonable condition, instead of replacing it with a new piece, why not invest in some good repair tools. For example, a hybrid table saw can prove effective in giving a refined look to your furniture by smoothing visible edges and corners. You can also polish rough surfaces to help give your furniture a professionally finished look. Having the best tile cutter at home for maintaining the floor is also a good idea.

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