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A Little Side of Geek by Marguerite Labbe

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Book Series
Geek Life #1
About the Author
Marguerite has been accused of being eccentric and a shade neurotic, both of which she freely admits to, but her muse has OCD tendencies, so who can blame her? Her husband and son do an excellent job keeping her toeing the line, though. Together with her co-author Fae Sutherland, Marguerite has found a shared passion for beautiful men with smart mouths. 

When she's not working hard on writing new material and editing completed work, she spends her time reading novels of all genres, enjoying role-playing games with her equally nutty friends, and trying to plot practical jokes against her son and husband. Her son is learning the tricks too quickly and likes to retaliate. You'd think she'd learn.
Publication Date
May 22, 2018
Available Formats
mobi, epub, pdf
When opposite worlds collide, it’s anyone’s game.

Proud geek and comic book artist Morris Proctor wants nothing more than to live in semiseclusion with his devil cat and gamer friends. Despite what his well-meaning family thinks, he’s perfectly content with his status quo. The last thing he needs is to date another nongeek hell-bent on changing him.

Then he meets his adorkable new neighbor, Theo Boarman, who doesn’t know Star Trek from Star Wars, but who tempts him like no other.

Theo has spent the last year recovering from the loss of his parents and trying to play both roles for his teenage brother, while working to keep the family restaurant afloat. Dating is the last thing on the menu, especially with a man who thinks the height of dining is shoving a packaged meal into the microwave.

But if Morris gives him one more shy smile or flaunts that kilt he wears so well, Theo will be forced to convince him that a hot summer fling is just the recipe to let off a little steam.

When that fling gets serious fast, Morris has to decide if he’s willing to give his heart to Theo on the chance that they’re a perfect mix. 

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Opposites Really Do Attract
A Little Side of Geek is the first book in Marguerite Labbe’s new Geek Life series. This novel has a varied and interesting extended cast who inhabit MC Morris’ gaming and comic book convention world, and they will no doubt have their own stories to tell in future books in this series. 

Morris Proctor is a proud geek, gamer and comic book artist. He is completely absorbed in his well ordered  life and, despite doubts from his family about the security of his future, he knows what he wants and is determined to follow his passion. Establishing himself in this world takes a great deal of time and commitment, leaving little time for love. His last relationship left him wary of men outside the community. Between his drawing, writing, commissions and weekend conventions, Morris can barely find time for his beloved family, let alone a relationship. It will take a special man to accept his passion; one who understands that his drawings aren’t a hobby that can be dropped at a moments notice, but a full time obsession and career. An accidental meeting with his gorgeous neighbour has Morris rethinking his options. A short fling might just be manageable, even if a relationship seems impossible. 

Theo Boarman understands commitment. After the tragic deaths of his parents Theo has taken on the guardianship of his fifteen year old brother, Lincoln, and co-management of the family restaurant with his pregnant sister Jill. Between market shopping in the early hours of the morning, menu planning, prep and acting as head chef he too has no time for love. Or so he believes. When Theo spies his gorgeous neighbour with dreads and ebony skin perfectly displayed in a sexy kilt and tight t-shirt, Theo isn’t thinking about love or relationships, but something about his geeky neighbour is definitely stirring him up. Sparks are flying and when a hot fling is proposed neither man can think of a single reason to deny their chemistry. 

A Little Side of Geek follows the story of two men completely dedicated to their crafts. Theo is struggling to maintain his family restaurant, guide his younger brother through the struggles of adolescence and support a family that includes his pregnant sister and his two other siblings who’ve been estranged since their parents death. His passion for food and cooking, like Morris’ passion for his craft, is all consuming. With both men working day and night, as well as weekends, it’s hard to see how they’ll find time for each other. A little meddling from family and friends and a growing realisation that they have more in common than they first thought might just make a dork and a geek see what’s been right in front of them all along. 

In A Little Side of Geek, Marguerite Labbe introduces the reader to the fascinating world of gamers and comic book conferences. As a complete novice I thoroughly enjoyed learning more about the world of gaming, comic conferences, and the people who are immersed in this world. They were lovingly portrayed and I have no doubt fellow geeks will love Morris and Theo’s journey to their HEA. Being a novice I did have some difficulty understanding the games nights, and the role of the game master was a little lost on me. I put this down to my age and the fact that, like Theo, games nights for me meant monopoly.. I can imagine young readers cringing at my cluelessness! Despite this, I enjoyed this story and I was completely invested in Theo and Morris’ journey. A Little Side of Geek is at its heart a sweet love story about two men from from very different worlds who find love unexpectedly. It’s about compromise and learning to trust your heart. 
I developed quite a soft spot for other characters in this book and I’ll look forward to future books in this series so I can follow their journeys; and hopefully expand my knowledge of the world they inhabit. An unexpectedly educational and thoroughly enjoyable read.

Top 10 Reviewer 73 reviews
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