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A lesbian ‘Lord of the Rings’ makes its debut on Valentine’s Day

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Divine are thrilled to bring you this special feature, a new show that premieres on Valentine’s Day. It’s called Dagger Kiss and It is the first time a fantasy series, TV show or movie has had two lead female characters who are explicitly lovers.

Described as a lesbian Lord of the Rings by its creators, Dagger Kiss is an epic fantasy adventure that crosses space and time.  Filled with magic and medieval fantasy, Dagger Kiss is also the story of two girls falling in love.  Starring Tucky Williams, (creator of the Girl/Girl Scene series) Amanda K. Morales and Stoya. The eight episodes will air weekly on tello Films beginning Valentine’s Day.

All about the film

Arden is devastated by the death of her true love, and tormented by the powers of dark magic with which she has been cursed.  She leaves her home world to travel to Earth, in pursuit of the evil sorcerer Zareth.  There she meets Katia, a no-nonsense tough girl.  Arden convinces Katia to help her navigate this strange new land.  As they battle their way through mysteries, magic, swords and daggers, these two women find it increasingly difficult to ignore their attraction to each other.  Together, they set out to defeat Zareth before he can conquer both worlds.

Watch the birth of an epic love story.  Witness the rise of a legend.                          

About tello films

tello films produces and distributes innovative, high-quality web series with a lesbian focus.

We believe in telling authentic stories about people whose lives are often ignored or marginalized. tello creates web-series specifically for the lesbian/queer community. This means that lesbian/queer characters are front and center. This means that the stories we tell respect the range and variety inherent in being queer.

Why lesbian stories? Because we love lesbians and we don’t feel there are enough of them. Sure, sometimes lesbians are thrown in as side characters or show up on ‘very special episodes’ of your favorite shows, but lesbians and lesbian-specific issues are rarely at the center of mainstream television, movies, or web series.

At tello, we create great new web content that is intelligent but fun, timely but classic, and tasteful yet sexy, a whirlwind of classic ideas from a lesbian perspective, brave and challenging content with a lesbian twist.

Now for all the links so you can head down and find out more about what looks to be one amazing series.

Dagger Kiss is now 100% free to watch.  Go to to see the free videos.

Official Website for Dagger Kiss

Watch the trailer on YouTube

Take a look at tello Films other productions

Check out Tucky’s #PhotoGallery on flickr

Meet Stoya in special feature – Dagger Kiss.


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