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A Female Digital Nomad’s Travel Guide to Singapore

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While Asia is very friendly to digital nomads and travelers in general, but there’s one destination that’s extra special—Singapore! This little island is one of the leading forces in tech innovation, one of the richest nations on the continent and definitely one of the safest places on the planet. All of these amazing things about Singapore make it the best place for all female digital nomads. So, here’s a little guide that will tickle your travel bone and hopefully send you to Singapore for some new adventures!


It’s not hard to stay connected

Did you know that Singapore has one of the fastest internet connections in the entire world (over 20 Mbps!) Every digital nomad will recognize how beneficial this can be when it comes to project delivery and research. All in all, the entire city is covered with Wi-Fi more or less and there are many public spaces as well as malls, bars and cafes where you can connect to the internet.


Work is a breeze

There are several great co-working spaces in Singapore. Spaces like The Hive are simply great—big, clean and very friendly and welcoming. The staff is amazing and the internet connection is reliable and fast. If you become a member of their collective, you can even use their other spaces in Bangkok and Hong Kong, so if you tend to travel a lot, it can be a great advantage.


Accommodation is great

This is one of the safest cities in the world with a crime rate almost nonexistent. This means that every neighborhood is a good choice when it comes to accommodation. You can also find great hotel offers in Singapore that even give you some complimentary stays if you book their lux rooms! Make sure to check special deals every time you book your accommodation and you can save some money in this fairly expensive city. Once you find a good hotel, you can sleep soundly knowing you’re perfectly safe, even if you’re traveling solo.


Coffee is heavenly

As a digital nomad, you probably drink, sleep and dream coffee, so you’ll be very glad to hear that Singapore is heaven for coffee aficionados. While southeast Asia isn’t exactly known for this hot beverage, Singapore’s coffee culture is very developed, especially when you consider all the business people struggling to stay awake at meetings, foreigners exploring the city on 5 hours of sleep and digital nomads meeting deadlines working at cafés. If you want good coffee, make sure to visit Tiong Bahru—one of the city’s hippest areas. Many cafés are located there and frequented by people looking for a place to enjoy good coffee while catching up with work. The rest of the city is also friendly to digital nomads and you’ll have no problems finding a place to rest your laptop!

coffee Singapore

Public transportation is amazing

If you wish to explore the city (and you definitely should), you can do a lot of things on foot. However, in order to beat the heat and humidity, you can rely on public transport which is truly one-of-a-kind. Singapore is blessed with an amazing network of buses and trains that are super clean, air-conditioned and very reliable. If you’re planning on getting around the city much, grab a tourist card that can be used on all types of public transportation (like Oyster card in London or Octopus card in Hong Kong). It’s much more cost-effective than paying for single trip tickets every time you’re going somewhere!

metro Singapore

Do try the local food

No matter if you’re a huge foodie or someone who usually survives on meat and potatoes, Singapore will blow your mind with its food offer. If you’re traveling on a budget, make sure to visit cheap hawker centers, but if you have money to splurge, don’t miss out on Singapore’s lux dining experiences! Whatever you choose, make sure to try wanton noodles, chili crabs and durian (if you’re brave enough).

food SIngapore

Adventure lurks on every corner

If the reason why you decided to take up the digital nomad lifestyle is an adventure and new experiences, Singapore will not disappoint. It’s one of the most diverse and culturally interesting countries that also offers fast, easy and cheap access to other Asian destinations. From Singapore, you can easily reach Malaysia, Indonesia and even Sentosa Island and other lesser-known urban and wild destinations. So, if you love adventure, you’ll definitely enjoy calling Singapore your home!


While Singapore is a big city with over 5 million citizens, it still feels very safe and very organized. It’s truly a perfect place to start your digital nomad lifestyle even if you’re a solo female traveler. However, Singapore is not a cheap place, especially if you compare it to Vietnam, Thailand, or Cambodia. But, if you know how to spend your money wisely and follow our Singapore guide, you’ll manage to enjoy the city, even on a tight budget!

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1 year ago

I’ve been a nomad/location independent in the past three years, mainly living in a small RV in the U.S. West, traveling around with my tribe. But, I am going to Singapore next month to see how it is. I have been a nomad in the past three years and just recently started discovering Asia. I am looking to meet others there who can introduce me to the local culture. I didn’t see any Facebook groups for digital nomads. Maybe some co-working space? How did you meet other like-minded?

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