• A Careful Heart by Ralph Josiah Bardsley

A Careful Heart by Ralph Josiah Bardsley

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A Careful Heart by Ralph Josiah Bardsley

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About the Author
Ralph Josiah Bardsley was born in a small town outside of Boston. His father was in the Coast Guard and he grew up in a lot of different places – New Orleans, Cape Cod, North Carolina and Sitka, Alaska. When he wasn’t in school, he spent most of his time in Coast Guard hangers or reading. Today he lives in San Francisco with his husband Dana. Ralph's hobbies include writing, running and wine tasting! Ralph works in the high tech industry in marketing. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Greensboro College and a master’s in communication from Emerson College.

"My writing comes from a combination of imagination and people and places that have shaped who I am today. My first book, Brothers, pulls from my childhood growing up as part of a big Irish family. OK, my immediate family wasn't that big, but I had tons of aunts and uncles, and I can't tell you how much wonder and amazement comes from being part of a loud, rowdy and loving family." 
Publication Date
March 14, 2017
978-1- 62639-888- 7
Travis Gaines and Stephen Davis are as close as two best friends can be. Born less than a month apart, they grew up as neighbors in a small northern New Hampshire town. After college, they make their way together to Boston, craving the excitement and fast pace of New England’s biggest city. 

As they get their bearings in Boston, Travis falls hard for Benson, a senior executive at the financial services firm where he works. Benson is wealthy, handsome, and well connected among Boston’s well heeled. At first it seems like Benson is everything a guy could ever want, but behind that glossy veneer is a dark side that threatens to tear Travis and Stephen’s friendship apart and change their lives for ever.

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A delicate read with sharp finesse
A Careful Heart 5 stars

Detailed read told in a very natural way.

Best friends for life Travis and Stephen spend all their time together. After college
they even hire an apartment together in Boston. They are opposite Travis the
extrovert and Stephen the introvert. In this story you will find constant confirmation
about this fact. 

It's kind of funny to have different feelings about main personalities. Do I like Travis?
Sometimes I don't. Do I like Stephen? Mostly I do, but sometimes I want to grab him
and shake him.
But they are honest as they are. Further in this story you will feel more and more
committed to them.

Then there is Gabe lovely redhead Gabe...a Boston Cop....he is definitely on
Stephen when they meet for the first time. It's at a gay bar Travis wanted to go and he can't get over it that Gabe has only eyes for Stephen .... Stephen who never had a
relation with a guy.
After exchanging mobile numbers Stephen is not responding on calls from Gabe...
After a week he gives a reaction and they finally have a date...no..no.. so not a date :)
Stephen is confused about his feelings...he really really likes Gabe a lot. And staring
in each other eyes is something he never done before...with a guy. It's distinctly
going very natural.
Their relationship is blossoming and going steady more and more. 
For the once who are curious...you will only read some kissing

Travis falls for Benson, senior executive at work, wealthy, handsome and it looks he
has it all together... only Benson isn't as nice as he pretends to be. Travis is in

At 50% something is changing....bad....Not at once.... but slowly slipping in. 
The turn in this story will give you bad shivers. I didn't see it coming...

Without giving away the story I want to say the personalities were well put down,
convincing, with there own character traits. You will not love everybody but that's just
how life goes...

A delicate read with finesse in it. It's consistent and steady. The essence of the story was original. It's detailed and extended in a pleasant way. Good flowing sentences
with feelings and tension coming of the pages. Some chapters will grab you by your
heart because of the reality.

I really want to recommend this story as a #mustread 

A beautiful title "A Careful Heart" !!

- A copy received from Netgalley given by Publisher -
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