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Written by Emma Joyce

No matter how big your home is and how much living space you have, you’re probably always going to ask for more. This is particularly true for people who have children, but it’s the same for those living alone or with a partner. We always need more living, maneuvering, and storage space, but finding it isn’t always easy. We can try decluttering our homes from time to time, but is this enough? If you still need more space even after doing that, here are a few ideas you could try.

Add a second story

This is probably the most sensible solution for your problem – adding a new story to your home will double your living space and give you more room than you could’ve imagined! This is a great way to reorganize your life as well and create a new floor plan. If you’re not completely happy with the way your home looks and feels at the moment, adding a second story is a win-win scenario that will solve all your issues.

Unfortunately, this isn’t the easiest project in the world. You need to take lots of things into consideration before you start adding a new story, and you mustn’t forget any of it. Create the right floor plan, make sure the design is structurally sound, find a great contractor, check the regulations, get your permits, and think about adding an entirely new roof. Also, don’t forget to define your budget and try to stick to it as much as possible. Be prepared for unexpected events and try not to spend every dollar you have, just in case things don’t go according to the plan.

Finish your basement


In case you’re not a fan of going up, you can always go down. Finishing your basement and turning it into usable living space could be the idea you’ve been looking for your entire life. Even though this sounds like a hard, boring and expensive project, it doesn’t have to be that way. Again, it’s all about getting properly organized and knowing what you’re doing.

First, check if your basement is the right solution in the first place. If you have problems with moisture, mold, pests, and other issues, you might want to reconsider this idea. If that’s not the case, start by cleaning everything out and removing all the things you don’t need here anymore. After decluttering the basement, you should check the permits and building codes, as well as gather all the tools and materials you’ll need. Once that’s done, you can start the actual work – installing the insulation, framing the walls, installing new floors, and finishing the ceiling. In the end, furnish the space, decorate it, and move in!

Start from scratch

If you love your home and don’t want to move to a new one, you should consider knocking it down and building a bigger one instead. That way, you’ll stay at the same place and keep your location, but still have a brand new home that will suit your needs. However, this isn’t a project you should tackle on your own, especially if you have no previous experience with building homes, and that’s something people all over the world, from Australia to Norway, know.

Instead, you might want to rely on professionals who know what they’re doing. That’s something the aforementioned Australian homeowners are doing as well, knowing that this is a better solution in the long run. They might look into those professionals in knockdown rebuild from Sydney who can complete the project for them and make sure their new home is just right. You might want to keep this idea in mind as well, especially if you want to update your home, but not your neighborhood.

Build a garage or a shed

If you have an outdoor space behind your home, you can use it to solve your living space issues. Building a garage should give you enough storage space for all your necessities that don’t fit into your home anymore. Even the smallest garage in the world can mean a lot when it comes to storage solutions, so find a few ideas that might work for you and start using them asap.

If your backyard isn’t big enough for a garage, you can build a shed instead. This should still be enough and give your interior space more room for maneuvering. Again, explore those useful storage tips and tricks, and use your shed’s capacity to the fullest.

If you do everything right and turn these ideas into reality properly and professionally, you’ll introduce a revolution into your living space. You’ll have more room than ever and will feel better than you’ve felt before, so find the ideas you like the most, and start working on them straight away.

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