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99 Problems by Soul-Pop artist Shako

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American singer/songwriter Shako released his debut single “99 Problems” on May 18th. The song was inspired by an experience Shako had when sitting on the E train in NYC.

 He stated “I saw a beautiful couple. They didn’t look wealthy in anyway however, I have never seen two people so happy and in love which sparked the song idea.”

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Shako is a Soul-Pop artist from Moscow currently living in New York, the city were dreams are made of. He moved to numerous different countries and cities until the age of 10  including Georgia, Israel, Kazakhstan, Russia, and finally the United States. Every place he moved helped develop his storytelling as a songwriter but his gift truly bloomed once moving to New York. He attended jazz clubs and venues with his father, a professional saxophonist. Shako was heavily influenced by his father’s music career and decided to learn how to play guitar while singing and writing.  




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