8 ways to boost your immune system naturally

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Numerous factors impact the immune system and its weakening may occur for various reasons. There are plenty of supplements on the market that promise to boost the immune system, however, if you are looking for natural ways to uplift your body defense, Better Weigh Medical has made a list of efficient remedies to improve your immunity. These tips refer to changes in diet and lifestyle that support your immune system agents to perform efficiently. 

 A word about the immune system

The main agents in the immune system are leukocytes, antibodies, the complex of complements (different proteins), bone marrow, spleen, lymphatic system, and thymus gland. The way we boost our immunity actually refers to impacting these immune systems’ mediums by supplying them with requirements to perform their tasks seamlessly. As we can see, the immune system is a complex machinery composed of many assistants, and improving the performance of this system is also a complex task.

Another thing concealing the immune system, besides its decreasing, it`s overstimulating immunity which also harms this system. Stimulating immunity to work overdrive can cause cytokines storm. Therefore, when we said that maintaining optimal performance of the immune system is complex, we meant that keeping the balance in an attempt to “boost” immunity is crucial for its proper working.

Now that we become familiar with the essential factors of immunity, here are 8 tips that can help you safely improve your immunity.

Have enough sleep

Sleep deprivation has a large impact on the immunity system. Our body needs sleep to recover and rest to maintain organ functioning. Chronic lack of sleep impacts the deregulation of the immune system functioning by increasing pro-inflammatory signaling and leading to inadequate immunity response when required.

Therefore, we suggest having at least 7 hours of quality sleep to create primary conditions for optimal immunity performances.

 Whole Plant Food

Some food is a better resource of nutrients required for the immune system than others. The food with beneficial properties for immunity is fruit, vegetables, seeds, nuts, and legumes. Generally, every food rich in antioxidants promotes the functioning of body defense. Antioxidants fight free radicals that cause inflammatories. Besides antioxidant substances, many vegetables are great sours of selenium, zinc, iron, folates, and proteins that nourish blood cells with necessary constituents.

Additionally, the fiber in plants sustains gut microbion that block pathogens from entering the body from within the digestive tract.

Food rich in healthy fats

 As chronic inflammation suppresses the immune system, eating healthy fats can contribute to immunity with their properties to decrease inflammation. Healthy fats are found in olive oil, and omega-3 fatty acids in salmon, and chia seeds.

Fermented food

Fermented food helps in body defense due to its probiotic content. Probiotics are beneficial bacteria in the digestive tract. Nourishing the population of probiotics helps the immune system to distinguish healthy cells from harmful ones. 

Research stands that 80% of our immune system relies on our gut microbion, implying that a weak gastrointestinal system means deteriorating immunity.

Food rich in probiotics is yogurt, kefir, kimchi, and other fermented products.

Limit added sugar

Reducing the intake of sugar and refined carbohydrates decreases inflammation and the risks of diabetes type 2. Diabetes is a condition that significantly affects the immune system.

Impart exercise in your lifestyle

Regularly practicing moderate exercise is proven to contribute to optimal immunity system performance. Physical activity lowers inflammation and donates to the regeneration of immune cells. Jogging, brisk walking, bicycling, and swimming are just a few efficient activities that can help you boost your immunity.

Stay hydrated

Although hydration doesn`t protect from microorganisms, dehydration can cause severe consequences for the kidneys, digestion, and dysfunction of other organs. Dehydration makes the body prone to various illnesses. However, the requisite level of hydration ensures the functioning of all body systems including the immune. Keep in mind to supply your body with sufficient liquids by drinking water, and tea, but limit the intake of fruit juices, sports drinks, and other sweetened beverages as they usually contain added sugar. 

Additional precautions refer to the elderly population as they tend to lose the urge for water over the years. For older adults is suggested to intake water regularly, even when they don`t feel thirsty.

Reduce smoking and alcohol intake

When drinking too much, your body is overactive in detoxing to protect from microorganisms, also prolonging body recovery that consequently leads to an increased risk of illness. 

Cigarettes are another enemy of the immune system with their content of carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxides, nicotine, and hundreds of other harmful substances. These toxins diminish the growth and functioning of immune system cells.


Implementing above listed suggestion in your daily routine will help you improve your immune system. However, if those natural ways don`t seem adequate for you, you can take immune-boosting supplements. Nonetheless, keep in mind that micronutrients in whole food are more beneficial than taking supplement pills, as the food supplies you with various properties ensuring the absence of nutrient deficiency.

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