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8 Upper Body Exercises You Can Do Without Any Fitness Equipment

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A lot of upper body exercises requires you to perform them with equipments such as dumbbells and barbells. But when you do upper body fitness routines such as arms exercises without any weights, it could be the ultimate test of your muscles. You don’t need to lift anything heavy nor make an effort to go to the gym. The best part about upper body exercises such as planks, push-ups which requires no equipment is that they constantly keep your core engaged.

Exercises such as burpees requires full body movement but when you do them alongside other exercises that primarily focuses on your arms, it helps you burn arm muscles faster than other parts of your body. This again helps you in strengthening your muscles and building a strong upper body.

In this article we share with you 8 upper body exercises that do not require you to make use of any fitness equipment. All that you will require is to make use of your own body for resistance, and you can do these exercises anywhere you like and at any point of time.

  1. Planks

Planks majorly cover these three areas: arms, shoulders and core. Here’s how to do planks in the right way:

  • Bend one of your arms to bring your forearm and your elbow to the floor.
  • Now slowly place the other arm down so that you are in a forearm plank.
  • Gradually push back to the start position and place both your hands on your elbows.
  • Repeat the above steps and use the other arm alternatively in each step.
  1. Inchworm

 Inchworm requires the use of your abs, shoulder and back. The following steps will guide you through doing this exercise in the right way:

  • Stand with your feet and hips width apart.
  • Now hinge your hips forward and put both your palms on the floor. If you find it difficult, you can also bend your knees to place your palms on the floor.
  • Try to walk your hands forward but ensure that your shoulders are at stack right above your wrists.
  • Now slowly walk your hands back towards your feet and try to stand up straight.
  1. Push-up

In this exercise you will require the use of your core, triceps and your shoulders. Follow the steps below to know how to do this exercise in the right way:

  • Position yourself in high plank and place your shoulders above your wrists and make your spine long.
  • Bend your elbow slowly and lower down your body to the floor.
  • Try to straighten your arms by pushing through the palms.
  1. Triceps Dips

In this exercise you will make use of your back, core and triceps. Here are the steps to perform it in the correct way:

  • Place your legs in front as you sit on the floor and place your back against a step or
  • Now put your palms on the step or the box that is behind you but make sure that your fingers are facing your body.
  • Try straightening your arms so that you can lift your butt and your legs from the floor, and gradually bend your elbows to lower your back down.
  • Place your heels on the floor and your elbows have to be behind your back throughout this exercise.
  1. Plank Taps

This exercise requires the use of your core, shoulders and your arms. In this exercise you are required to follow the steps below:

  • Position yourself in high plank and place your feet and hips wide apart.
  • Tap your left hand on your right shoulder and keep your glutes and core engaged so that your hips can be as still as possible.
  • Now change to alternate sides with every rep.
  1. Lateral Plank Walks

In lateral plank walks, you work on your shoulders, arms, and core. To perform this exercise correctly, follow the steps below:

  • Position yourself in high plank and make your abs tight and your shoulders should be above your wrists.
  • Step the right foot and right hand towards the right side and follow this up with your left foot and left hand on the left side. Now take a few steps in either of the directions and then take a walk on the opposite direction.

  1. Diamond Push-up

The core areas in this exercise will be your triceps, your chest and shoulders and your core. The below given are the steps to do this exercise correctly:

  • Position yourself in high plank.
  • Walk both of your hands together in such a way that your forefingers and your thumbs make a triangle.
  • Now bend your elbows so that you can lower your torso to the floor to complete one push up.
  1. Modified Diamond Push-up

Modified diamond push-up mainly covers the following areas: chest, shoulders and core. Here is how you can do modified diamond push-ups in the right way:

  • Position your body in high plank and then walk both of your hand together in a way that your thumbs and forefingers form a triangle.
  • Drop to both your knees in a way that the top of your knees protect both your knee caps.
  • Now bend your elbows so that you can lower your torso to the floor.
  • You have now completed one modified diamond push-up. Repeat.

The best part about these exercises is that they do not even require a lot of time. You can do these exercises before you start with your cardio or high-intensity workout sessions as it will flex your muscles and strengthen your stamina. Unlike other cardios, these workouts require no space in your home and do not even have to wait in line to use those fitness equipment as you can perform these workouts until the machine gets free for you to be used.

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