7 Tips to Get the Healthier Hair You’ve Always Dreamt Of

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Bad hair is a mysterious affliction of many women. That’s a beauty truth. Most of the ladies do not feel confident during their bad hair days. That means your hair in good shape, undoubtedly, gives you positivist throughout the day. But, it’s less likely to happen with your busy schedule.

Many women dream of having long and shiny hair, but not all are lucky to get it in genes. Ladies who crave for such hair can opt for artificial hair. There are different types of hair extensions, and according to your preference, you can go ahead with it. If you don’t want artificial hair, then you need to make small tweaks in your routine. So, follow the below-listed tips and get the healthier hair you’ve always dreamt of.

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Follow a healthy diet

Like the rest of your body, your hair also needs proteins, vitamins, and minerals to be healthy and strong. A balanced diet, including all these supplements, would help your hair to grow faster and shinier. Following are the list of food to add in your diet:

  • Meat
  • Green vegetables
  • Yogurt
  • Citrus fruits
  • Eggs
  • Pumpkin seeds

If it’s difficult to get the required supplements from the food you eat, then you can consider taking a multivitamin after consulting a doctor.

Shampoo in proportion

Keeping your hair clean is essential. But that doesn’t mean you need to wash your hair with shampoo daily. It will dry your hair and weaken your hair stem. Instead, shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week.

Also, while applying shampoo to your hair, you only need a quarter-sized amount of shampoo. And mostly, it should be applied on your scalp.

Give your scalp a daily massage

To boost the health and condition of your scalp, it’s important to speed up the blood circulation in it. And increase the blood flow to the hair follicles. Invest your precious 4 minutes in scalp massage daily and check the returns after a month. It will enhance the thickness of your hair and will strengthen it over time.

For scalp massage, apply pressure in circular motions with your fingertips for at least 4 minutes. It can be done on either dry hair or wet hair before applying the shampoo.

Detangle your hair before taking a shower

Before stepping in for a shower, brush down your hair, no matter what texture they possess. Give your hair a few minutes and detangle the strands as it will allow your hair to be healthy. It will also help the oil to spread all over the scalp, which will make your hair smooth and shiny after the shower.

Do remember to not comb your hair after shampoo when your hair is wet as they are weak during that time.

Narrow down the heat

Straighteners, blow dryers, hot curlers, etc. are the tools that can blemish your hair, especially when it is dry or prone to breakage. Excessive heat can weaken your hair, damaging your strands.

To limit the damage, hold the blow dryer 6 inches away from the surface of your hair and keep it moving instead of concentrating on one spot. Limit the sessions of heating tools to two to three times a week to give your hair adequate time to heal in between each session.

Also, lower the heating temperature of your heating tools and do apply heat protestant products to reduce the damage of your hair.

Get your hair trimmed frequently

Do you know the secret of long hair? No. It’s simple –regular trims. Clearing the split ends gives a space to new hair growth. Most of the hairstylists recommend removing the hair breakage because it leads to losing the length and volume of your hair.

Sometimes, it becomes difficult to visit salons that frequently, especially during self-quarantine days. But you shouldn’t worry much. You can trim your hair at home by following some precautions and get new hair in some days.

Sleep on silk

Swap out your cotton pillowcase for a silk alternative and take your beauty sleep. It helps in reducing the amount of friction, leading to less breakage. Along with this, try a low loose braid or loose topknot secured with a silk hairband to lessen the stress over hair strands.

Some other additional tips for hair maintenance:

  • Apply warm oil

You may think oil makes your hair greasy and sticky. While it’s true, it also provides enough moisturizer to your hair, making your hair shine after shampooing. And if you use warm oil, it yields far better results. Warm oil opens your pores and lets the oil seep into the roots protecting the base. This is the old yet effective tip in hair maintenance.

  • Apply onion juice

Do you know onion juice is loaded with nutrients needed for your hair? It helps in hair growth and protects the scalp from infection. As sulfur and other antioxidants present in the hair help for your hair maintenance, it’s one of the best home tips for hair maintenance.

  • Green tea is the best

Antioxidants present in green tea are not only the best for your body but for your hair too. It helps in hair growth, dandruff prevention, and psoriasis cure. If you have a dry scalp, green tea is the best home remedy to keep the scalp hydrated, nourished, and moisturized.

  • Drink enough water

Last but not the least, drinking plenty of water keeps your hair follicles and roots hydrated. It lessens the damages like hair breakage, split ends, and dry scalp. You can also add coconut water to your diet. Additionally, eat a balanced diet packed with nutrients, proteins, and other vitamins that help to keep your hair healthy.

Choose your paths wisely

In life, you usually get into entangled roads and give up in the middle. However, to reach the destination, you need to make constant efforts. Similarly, to get healthy hair, you need to follow the above-listed tips and that too regularly.

Also, if you are wondering how often you should color your hair, then ladies, think about your hair. Because there is a thin line between maintaining your roots and overdoing it on the dye. And enjoying great hair days all the time is in your hands, so choose your paths wisely.

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