7 Tips for Eye Health and Maintaining Good Eyesight

Written by Luke Douglas

Sometimes we tend to take our eyesight for granted, but it is not until our eyes start failing us in one way or another that we begin to realize how much we rely and depend on them. Naturally, there are multiple options we can turn to in order to maintain our eye health and prevent possible damage or illnesses.

1 – Sun protection

This is one of the first things to pay attention to, simply because we spend so much time outdoors. Just like it is not advisable to expose your skin to sunlight for longer periods of time, the same goes for your eyes. The reasons are the harmful UVA and UVB rays, which sunlight inflicts on us with its presence. Make sure you find yourself top-notch sunglasses to protect your eyes from the undesirable effect of these rays.

2 – At work

Many jobs carry with them a certain dose of risk in the sense of potential injuries or health damages. If you work, for example, with electricity, in a chemistry lab, at a construction site, as a welder or a carpenter, make sure you ALWAYS wear protective eyewear.

3 – Nutrition

Another way of protecting your eyesight and preserving the health of your eyes is to pay closer attention to your nutrition. Certain foods are recommended for better eyesight, and you ought to include them in your everyday meals as much as you can. Those foods primarily include fish, lemons, oranges, carrots, eggs, and green vegetables. Even if you are not a fan of some of these, you can always find great recipes which would make their preparation easier, and their consumption much more enjoyable.

4 – Looking at bright lights

People are often reminded not to stare at strong lights, for instance, we are warned that we need to avoid looking directly at the sun because it can lead to severe consequences with respect to the eyesight. This warning is in place due to the fact that exposing the eye to sources of bright light (such as the sun or a laser beam) can cause serious and irreversible damage to the retina. So, if possible, avoid them or be adequately equipped in case you have to expose your eyes to them.  

5 – Equip yourself with proper visual aids

In case you notice that your eyesight is not as good as it perhaps used to be, that might be a sign that it’s high time you started using a kind of visual aids. Glasses and contact lenses of all kinds of quality and affordability can be found practically anywhere. However, for those of you who already know what you need or simply prefer saving on time, you can find visual aids like excellent contact lenses online, no matter how generous your budget is. Quite often there are also more types to choose from, so you are much more likely to be satisfied with what you get. Finally, if you wear Coleyes contact lenses, always put them in after you’ve washed your hands.

6 –Remain aware of cleanliness

There can never be too many reminders about how important hygiene is, and that applies to the health of our eyes as well. This is because maintaining our hygiene at a necessary level helps prevent eye problems, infections, and so on. Firstly, wash your face regularly, when you get up, as well as before going to bed. Secondly, do not forget that you also need to keep your hands clean, as our hands frequently get in contact with our face and our eyes when we are scratching, removing an eyelash, applying makeup, etc. Finally, if you wear contact lenses, always put them in after you’ve washed your hands. Clean and disinfect the lenses regularly and with adequate products.   

7 – Visit eye doctors

Another highly important manner of preserving your eye health is scheduling annual eye exams. They are necessary because you learn if you are developing hyperopia (farsightedness) or myopia (nearsightedness). Eye exams are also a way of detecting glaucoma, which, if found early, can be prevented from creating more serious vision problems. Not just that, these exams are an opportunity to detect other possible issues on time, stop them from developing even further, and learn how healthy your eyes really are.

Our eyes are a vital connection with the outside world. Even if that were the only reason to take care of them, it would be more than enough to be taken into account if we want to live a happy, healthy life.

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