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7 Surprising Hair Care Mistakes According to Hairstylists

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We all love our hair and want to take good care of it. We invest in quality, expensive products if only to nourish every strand to perfection, up until old age. After all, our hair is our crowning glory. In a way, it defines our look and captures our personality. Yet unfortunately, not all people are taught how to care for the hair properly. You’ll be surprised to know that some of the old hair practices are doing more harm than good to your long locks. To know what to change, here are 7 of the big hair mistakes most people are unaware of:

  1. Combing Wet Hair

Time is today’s new currency. It’s not surprising then that people often rush the process of prepping up for work or school. In so doing, you, like most people, comb your hair while it is wet. This, my friend, is a mortal sin when it comes to proper hair care.

Your hair is most delicate when wet. It is prone to breakage and damage. So hair stylists suggest combing hair after air drying. You can apply serum and finger-comb your wet locks if you’re on the way to an important meeting. If you notice most hair salons like the frequently-visited Rakis on Collins blow dry your hair before even attempting to fix it with any comb.

  1. Raking from the Roots to Tips

People are generally taught to start from top to bottom, believing that the top is the always the right starting point. But unfortunately, this isn’t the case with your hair. Experts agree that it is better to start de-tangling strands at the tip first then the roots. This way, you will have better control of the pressure and avoid pulling your hair forcefully.

  1. Borrowing Other People’s Shampoo

Every person has different hair needs. Some require a stronger brand to help fight their excessively oily hair, while others have thin hair so they stick to a milder formula. It goes without saying then that using other people’s hair products especially shampoo is not an ideal practice. This often happens in a family of 4, 6 or more where everyone shares personal products, thinking they all come from the same genetic pool anyway. Correct this hair mistake early and buy only hair products that suit your hair type.

  1. Disregarding Comb Types

Hair care can be complicated and oftentimes people focus too much on products, forgetting about hair tools. The basic among the tools is the hair comb. Not all combs are created for a single purpose. Narrow-tooth combs are made for ironing out already smooth hair. The wide-tooth combs are better suited for fixing unruly thick, long hair. Round brushes are perfect for wavy and curvy hair and the list can go on to include a barber’s comb and a teaser. Know your hair type to know what comb to buy. To be safe, most hairstylists recommend a wide-tooth comb for everyday use.

  1. Tying and Rubbing Wet Locks

Combing wet hair is already shunned upon by hair stylists, much more so when you tie your wet locks with a ribbon or a clip. Many ladies do brush their hair up when applying makeup or doing a cleansing routine. In this case, stylists recommend using cloth bands instead to secure your locks and a soft towel to cover your back from the drips. Just avoid twisting and rubbing rigorously lest you damage your hair.

  1. Rubbing in a circular motion

You commonly read instructions about rubbing an ample amount of shampoo, conditioner, and other hair products over your hair and scalp. Rubbing is alright for as long as it is done lightly. If possible, apply on the tips first since the hair strands are much older than those at the roots. You need not follow instructions on repeated rinsing if your hair is not too dirty anyway. Otherwise, you’ll strip off the essential oils and dry strands are often brittle.

  1. Rinsing with hot water

Hot showers are therapeutic. Yet hairstylists recommend taking hot showers appropriately to avoid hair damage. High temperatures are ideal when rinsing shampoos off the hair since they open up the cuticles; the cleansing will, therefore, be thorough. However, when taking off conditioner, stylists recommended using cold water to lock in the moisture.

There is an astounding number of other hair care mistakes that are committed because of lack of awareness. The seven tips highlighted above will already ultimately save you from disastrous hair problems. Aim for a healthy hair no matter your age, sex, or race. It will do your self-confidence some good.

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