7 Must-Have Swimwear For An Australian Summer Holiday

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If you’ve started wanderlusting on the sandy beach, soaking in the sun’s heat, or drinking your favorite cocktail at the happy hour on the seashore, then you know it’s a perfect time to prepare for your Australian summer holiday. You deserve to enjoy a vacation with family, friends, and loved ones. But after you’ve booked your favorite beach resort, you now realize you’re out of bathing suits.  

Don’t worry; we got you. Every year trends in the fashion industry change and evolves, and it’s the same for swimwear. Your awesome summer can be made more fun and exciting when you’re equipped with the right swimsuits for some beautiful photoshoots by the beach. It’s time to browse your favorite swimwear brands like Bydee Swimwear or others. 

Get to know some must-have swimwear for your Australian summer holiday, and don’t forget to add them to your cart. 

  1. Floral Two-Piece Bikini  

It seems that hyperfeminine outfits are on the rise in social media. You must be excited about this ongoing trend if you’re a girly girl. Finally, it has also influenced the swimwear industry as two-piece floral bikini has gone into style again in recent years. One great thing about this style is its boldness and exciting floral prints that require no other fashion statement to make you steal a scene. 

You can be a head-turner from afar because of the beautiful flowers printed or embossed onto your bikini. Bikinis are one of the most popular Australian swimwear, and it makes sense to add this style to your bikini collection. You can choose whatever color you want, but basically, floral patterns are integrated with different shades and hues. Choose the perfect color that will match your skin tone, and you’re ready for the beach!  

  1. Scallop One-Piece Swimsuit  

Finding a swimsuit that flatters your body type and makes you feel great is everyone’s dream. You can simplify your search for the perfect bathing suit by researching and identifying your body shape. Women with hourglass shapes should consider one-piece swimsuits. This is classic, demure, elegant, and highly fashionable. Not to mention, you’ll love how it accentuates your natural curves.  

In this second list, a scallop one-piece swimsuit is another must-have for Australian women who want to sport simple but elegant swimwear. The scallop features on the neckline and panty line are enough to elevate this piece. They usually come in monotone colors, and the black-colored one is a staple piece you won’t ever regret buying. 

  1. High-Rise Panties  

Instead of your usual bottoms, it’s time to try a different kind. If you’re feeling more experimental, go for high-rise panties to follow some hot summer trends. You’ll be surprised at how much confidence it can give you. High-rise bikini bottoms are a mainstay in the bikini industry, and many celebrities and popular chicks love to model them through magazines and social media. 

Their comfort, support, and coverage are excellent. There are also many fabrics and cloth designs to choose from. Whether you want plain colors, bold ones, or floral patterns, there are a plethora of choices for every woman in different sizes. You can also mix and match it with many bikini tops, like haltered ones, ribbed cropped tops, tankinis, and so on. 

  1. Bright-Colored Or Neon Bikini Sets  

Colors in solids are in, but you can go further with more colors. After all, you want this summer to be different and unique. Hence, get out of your comfort zone and embrace some neon colors this season. They fit the atmosphere on the beach and will complement your tanned skin tone. 

If you shy away from wearing too bright-colored clothes, now’s the time to take advantage of wearing them on the beach. Bright and loud colors are always trending in any beach resort you go to. The key here is to prioritize the fabric and dye quality, as cheap ones could easily fade out or secrete dyes into the water.   

  1. Square Neck One-Piece Swimsuit  

Instead of the usual ‘V-line’ and showing cleavages, you can try out this square-neck one-piece swimwear for once. This is perfect for those who feel uncomfortable showing their cleavage in public. Also, if you feel like you have a large bust, this cut can tone it down and make you feel more wholesome.  

However, you can still look chic and sexy through its form and cut. Square neck one-piece designs usually have thick straps to compliment your arms and should have high-rise or normally styled panty cuts. Some also have skirt bottoms and shorts styles. It’s all a matter of choosing your preference. Any woman of age can rock this swimwear, and even younger ones would look classy and elegant in them.  

  1. Ribbed Fabric Swimwear  

Ribbed fabrics are definitely in this year. It’s time to add ribbed fabric swimwear to your bathing suit collection. They come with stretchy materials, which are a bit thick to make you feel additional support in your bust and bottoms. This design complements any body type and size, so you don’t have to feel intimidated if you think you’re too curvy or skinny.  

Because of their stretchy features, they can envelop and adjust to any of your body’s curves. Ribbed tops are usually designed like crop tops which won’t require much skin compared to bra-styled ones. This is the best swimwear to shop for if you want to look great on the beach without flashing a lot of skin. And since they’re comfortable moving around, they can even allow you to play volleyball and other beach sports. 

  1. Cut-Out One-Piece  

Cut-out swimwear is one of the trending one-piece suits on social media today. And if you’ve seen famous models and celebrities posting their beach looks on social media, you’ll definitely agree. This swimsuit usually comes with a cut-out at the waist, where the name is referred to.  

As for the cut-out designs, they can come in plenty of designs to choose from. They are also perfect for both plus-size and skinny women, and the key is to find the perfect cut-out piece that makes you feel good and look good.     


Summer is here, and wearing your swimsuit is one way to get motivated to exercise to get that beach body you deserve. It’s no surprise that there are too many Australian swimwear choices available for you out there. But the key is to get familiar with the trends these years and see which ones are comfortable and sexy for you to wear. Hopefully, the list has guided you on your swimwear shopping spree. Remember to take a few shots of your bikini outfits and enjoy your time on the beach.  

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