7 Creative Wedding Themes for Unique Couples

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Having a truly unique wedding is the dream. Of course, there are many creative wedding themes for unique couples you can choose, and whatever you choose needs to match your personality.

Whether you want to go for a full vintage look, go over-the-top with flowers and an epic wedding arch or even include your favorite movie ideas in your wedding, anything is possible. As long as you have a great idea, there’s nothing stopping you from achieving your dreams.

7 Creative Wedding Themes for Unique Couples

Black and White Theme

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A Black and White wedding theme offers countless possibilities. Maybe you want to celebrate in the 1920’s style, or perhaps just want all of your guests to wear monotone shades. Any venue can be beautifully decorated with black and white decor, and it’s not going to be hard to match anything.

You can make yourself a bouquet out of black tulips or white roses, and simply create the most impressive moment anyone can ever hope for.

Movie-Inspired Theme

If you and your significant other love a certain movie, then you can definitely choose a movie-inspired theme. You can go ahead and choose SuperMan or Game of Thrones-inspired decor, and let everyone wondering what’s going to happen next.

It’s true, it requires a lot of planning and knowledge on the subject, but I’m sure you know everything there is to know already. If you want to go for unique, then this is definitely the way!

Vintage Theme

A vintage theme is what most people really want for their weddings. To be fair, it makes sense. After all, vintage decor definitely helps save you money! You can add a lot of vintage details, such as worn-in chairs or battered pieces of furniture.

An awesome idea for a vintage wedding is to add a typewriter and invite your guests to type their messages for you. It will leave them feeling like you organized the best wedding possible.

Bohemian Theme

If you want to keep everything simple yet incredibly elegant, choose a boho theme. Get creative with color. Maybe even surprise your guests by walking down a beautiful oriental rug. You can make the aisle stand out, and make everyone feel like they belong to your wedding.

Tropical Theme

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You can definitely choose an amazing tropical theme without having to be in a tropical location. Add some beautiful flowers, make sure everyone has a cocktail in their hands, and get the party started.

If you really want to get into it, you can order yourself a custom made wedding cake with beautiful palm trees and flamingos, and make it as unique as it can be.

Pet-Inspired Theme

How would you feel having guests to bring their pups with them? Or having yours bringing you the rings? Well, it’s amazing and it’s all possible. Being a dog parent is definitely a great mission, and I know you want to include your furry friend in the wedding.

The best news is that all your friends will be thrilled by the idea, and you can start setting up activities for them. No one likes to leave their dog home when it comes to the big day.

Travel Theme

Are you and your betrothed passionate about traveling? Then search no more. You can easily choose a travel-inspired theme for your wedding. Set up signs to show how far you all traveled, and ask your guests to leave you travel ideas while they’re signing the guest book.

In the end, you can choose anything you want, as long as it makes both of you feel amazing. I’m hoping these 7 creative wedding themes for unique couples will give you an idea or two, and make you realize that everything is possible.


7 Creative Wedding Themes for Unique Couples

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