7 Amazing Adventure Travel Ideas to Keep You Fit and Refreshed

Written by Mike Johnston

Travel is one of the most incredible life experiences, giving us freedom and liberty, providing happiness and satisfaction, making us more creative, and allowing us to enjoy life more. But when travel is combined with adventure, that is where the true magic happens. The most incredible adventures put us in unique situations and make us feel wonderful emotions that change our lives forever. If you’d like to experience these beautiful feelings on your next vacation, here are some of the most amazing adventure holiday ideas that will keep you fit and refreshed:

1.  Cycling in Bolivia

The North Yungas Road, also known as the Death Road, leads all the way from La Paz to the tropical city of Coroico and represents every cyclist’s dream. Starting at 15,300 feet, this unique lane offers sheer drops and gorgeous views along the journey, all down to the jungle heat below. While this daring ride might not be recommended for the faint of heart, it’s still fitting both for professional mountain bikers and confident beginners, as long as you find an organized bike tour that will allow you to enjoy your travel experience accordingly.

2.  Hiking around Norway

If you like to experience your adventures on foot, however, a hike around Norway’s coast is the ideal solution. With several local companies offering voyages around the area, you will have no trouble finding an experience that appeals to you the most. Being among the best destinations for outdoor enthusiasts, a trip around this region of Norway will have you relaxing onboard a cruise ship, taking in some of the most stunning mountainous landscapes imaginable, as well as hiking and running to make your time on land a bit more active, visiting everything from the incredible sights in Trondheim to the awe-inspiring nature behind Hammerfest.

3.  Surfing in France

Far from the snow-capped mountains of the north and the cliché winery tours, the south of France hides quite an interesting secret. This region is in fact home to some of the best surfing spots around the globe, on par with most other popular surfing destinations. Whether you want to begin with basic training on low-key beaches or are already an experienced surfer searching for the most exciting waves in Europe, the beauty of surfing in Southern France is that you can easily achieve both. And if you visit at the right time, you might even get a chance to attend a surfing event and see how the professionals do it.

4.  Rafting in Bosnia and Herzegovina

Although often overlooked, Bosnia and Herzegovina is truly among Europe’s most beautiful hidden gems. The country is home to warm and welcoming locals, stunning natural wonders, as well as some of the most unique travel experiences you will ever come across. One of the most interesting adventures you could go on is the fantastic Tara rafting experience in the deepest canyon on the continent and one of the world’s top rivers for white water rafting. 

Along with an adrenaline-filled rafting adventure, this destination can offer something for every type of traveler, from jeep safaris and quad trips around national parks to charming bungalow stays and delicious organic food, making it a truly unforgettable vacation.

5.  Going on a walking safari in Zambia

If your ideal vacation entails observing stunning wild animals in their natural habitat without being hindered by a vehicle, a walking safari tour in Zambia is the right choice for you. Well-known for its exceptional sense of adventure, this incredible experience will instantly fill you up with adrenaline. It will allow you to get up close and personal with amazing big cats, watching as lions soak up the sun or waiting patiently for leopards to masterfully catch their prey.

6.  Volcano hiking in Indonesia

Despite the frequent eruptions, volcano hiking is still quite popular in Indonesia. Located in Bali’s neighbor Lombok, Gunung Rinjani is the second-highest volcano in the country (nearly 4,000 meters tall) and is among the hottest spots for this activity. Guided hiking tours of this volcano are mostly held during the drier months, with the three-day tour being the favored choice. Whether it’s the rush for the peak before the sunrise or the five-hour hike to the summit and back that only accounts for half of all walking time, or simply the thrill of a possible eruption anytime, this adventure is jaw-clenching and only for the bravest of travelers, even though it offers some of the best, most breathtaking views imaginable.

7.  Skiing in Vermont

While it might be a popular holiday destination for Americans, Vermont is also favored among international travelers looking for adrenaline junkie travel opportunities, and for a good reason. In case you’re looking for a different wintery landscape, Vermont is filled with incredible cross-country skiing experiences suited to any type of skier. From equipment rentals and clothing stores to warm and pleasant lodges, this region offers everything a skier might need for exploring the beautiful valleys, meadows, and forests of Vermont.

Wrapping up

Adventures can be found anywhere in the world, but some destinations still offer more distinct experiences than others. No matter which of these incredible spots you choose, your next adventure holiday is bound to be a fun and memorable one.

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