6 Ways to Rid Yourself of Home Maintenance Hassles

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Home maintenance is an absolute must to keep it in shape, but sometimes it’s just hard to keep track of everything. Not paying attention to certain things can lead to sudden breakdowns that will cost you money, time, and nerves.

Home maintenance problems can be really inconvenient, so it’s best to prevent them in the first place. This will save you money and trouble and allow you to enjoy a stress-free life without worrying about costly repairs.

Here are some of the best ways to keep your house in tip-top condition by avoiding home maintenance hassles.

Ways to Avoid Home Maintenance Hassles

1.Predict Potential Problems

Try to predict possible home maintenance problems at their root cause. For example, investigate which parts of your home are susceptible to common problems like cracked paint or damp. A damp survey can also be useful.

This will help you spot them and treat them on time before they become more serious and costlier to repair.

Leaks and condensation are common causes of damp which tend to affect outside walls. To prevent damp in these areas, provide proper and consistent ventilation and dehumidifier. In this way, you will prevent damp from damaging your property.

2. Drain Your Water Heater Tank

Calcium, lime, and other minerals and sediments can accumulate on the bottom of the water heater tank, impairing its efficiency and causing corrosion. This, in turn, can lead to water tank leakage.

That’s why it’s important to eliminate this sludge by draining your water heater tank.

To do this, turn it off and allow it to cool for a couple of hours. Attach an end of a hose to the drain cock of the tank and make sure the other is outdoors. To drain the water from the tank, open the drain cock.

Do this once a year, but if you have too hard water, you may want to do it twice a year.

3. Clean the Fridge’s Coils

This measure will prevent your fridge’s performance from deteriorating. Coils behind or underneath the refrigerator attract debris, dust, and dog hair.

Not only that dirty coils are unsightly, but they can also restrict airflow. This, in turn, reduces the fridge’s efficiency as it makes it work harder and reduces its life span.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you clean the coils with a refrigerator coil brush twice a year. Besides preventing the fridge from deteriorating, this preventative measure will even give you an energy efficiency boost.

4. Protect Weak Structures

Look for any damaged or weak structures in your house, or hire an expert who will do a thorough inspection of your house. By identifying weak structures early, you will have a chance to fix them quickly and less costly than if you let them deteriorate further.

So, if you notice a damp patch on your wall, contact a damp proofing professional to fix it before it has spread on a larger area.

5.Clean Your Main Drain

The main drain or sewer line is the drain that directs all the wastewater and sewage out of your house to the sewer. Baby wipes, cooking fat, and other waste can clog the drain if washed down the pipes.

If there’s a minor clog, water from the shower drain will come out when flushing the toilet and the toilet will gurgle when running the bathroom sink tap.

If there’s a major clog, the toilet will overflow and cause an unpleasant odor.

To prevent these unpleasant problems, make sure you hire an expert to clean the sewer line once a year.

6. Hire Experts for Installations

You may think you know how to handle small home maintenance problems on your own, but that can cost you more time and money if you lack the right expertise and experience.

Therefore, it’s always best to hire specialists, especially when it comes to installations in your home, whether that’s installing a new fridge or oven. An expert has the necessary training to do it efficiently so that appliances and structures won’t need heavy maintenance.


Home maintenance doesn’t have to be difficult, especially if you have a clear idea of the things you need to do to keep your home in good condition. Only in that way can you enjoy greater comfort without worrying about sudden repair problems.

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