6 Most Lucrative Jobs for Digital Nomads For 2018

Are you tired of going to the office every day, seeing same old faces day in and day out and feel like 9-5 is just not for you anymore?

You have a restless soul that wants to travel the world, but you are financially tied to your job? Have you considered a digital nomad job? Now, you may wonder what is a digital nomad. To put it simply, it is where you travel around the globe, stress-free and work at your own pace, at your own time, wherever there is an access to a strong and possibly free Internet connection. All you need to take on this journey is your laptop and some clothes, of course. With the power that technology provides, you can finally breathe in the life and have the autonomy and flexibility to earn an income while enjoying the location independent lifestyle.

Some resources say that by 2035 there will be 1 billion digital nomads and remote workers in the world. However, before you join the community and decide what path to take, you need to do some research on what you could do with your set of skills or what skills to pursue in order to achieve your nomadic dreams.

Once you sharpen your skills or acquire new ones, you’ll have to branch out, establish a portfolio and even validate yourself through tests to demonstrate your skills.

To help you in pursuing a location independent life, we gathered a list of 6 digital nomad jobs (and this is only a tip of the iceberg of possibilities) that will be in demand in 2018. These can guide you to the one that resonates with you the most.

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Web & App Developer

Developers are the most numerous among digital nomads by far. They are high in demand and growing as a profession, which makes it a very good career choice for those with a technical mind. Everything a developer works on is always at hand on the computer or on the cloud. Therefore, if you don’t want to wait for your annual vacation, start your search with social media groups or network with other digital nomads out there.

Online Entrepreneur

Running and growing an online business remotely while travelling has never been so easy. With apps such as Trello, Slack, Skype, Fleep etc, physical presence at a workplace is no longer a necessity. To start an online business, a marketplace, for instance, you need no prior experience. You can start with relatively low investments and start-up costs. It may take only several months for a novice to start counting the sales.

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Web, Graphic & UX/UI Designer

Web designing allows you all the creativity and freedom to do it anywhere under the clouds, whether as a freelancer or working remotely for a web design agency. Same goes for graphic design and user experience/user interface design. All of these skills are very much in demand and will stay so in the years to come because everybody needs a visually and functionally engaging website.

Human Resources Professional

A key HR trait of a digital nomad is the eagerness to preserve a good life-work balance while living a full life as much as possible. Many HR professionals achieve this if they’re able to travel from place to place but still enjoy the security of a regular employment. Platforms such as Indeed and We Work Anywhere are two very good platforms on which you can find HR jobs for location independent practitioners.

Digital Marketing Specialist

For someone with a neck for marketing, this can be a very lucrative job. If you belong to a group of SEO on-page or off-page specialists or a PPC savvies, you can find a lot of job opportunities online. A career in digital marketing is a fast-paced one and your success is only numbered by your accomplishments for the clients or the employer. Moreover, if you really know your stuff, you may even get an opportunity to become an affiliate marketer, promoting other entrepreneurs’ products, or maybe start your own e-commerce business.

A Coach

If you like to guide people to gain a better perspective of themselves, coaching is a great career path to take. You can choose to be a business coach, a life or a health coach. For most, you need to be certified and you can do that by signing up for a certification program. With this trait, you may develop your own unique body of work by drawing ideas from your own experience.


Guest Post by Leila Dorari – Freelance writer from Sydney. Passionate about self-growth through travel, cheap deals and living better lives by exploring as much of what Earth has to offer as possible.

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