6 Lucrative Tech Side Jobs You Can Work from Home to Make Extra Money

Now that most of the world is moving online and working from home, we have become even more open-minded about the notion of setting up digital gigs to boost our income. In case this is a new concept for you, in particular, fret not! Once you have prepared your home office, you can peruse through a wide array of tech-based jobs perfect for remote work that will strengthen your finances. Of course, keeping your main source of income is still recommended, while you can try out a few different tech gigs on the side before you find the perfect added solution. 

To help you on your remote quest, we’ve compiled a list of a few diverse opportunities that you can adjust to your own working schedule, and hopefully, you’ll use them to grow your income and build yourself a great nest egg for the future!

The era of software development

Businesses and individuals alike live on all kinds of useful tools every day, and the people who make them have some of the most in demand tech jobs you could possibly imagine, which includes software development. Now that people rely on a slew of different handheld devices, building mobile and tablet apps is a great opportunity for those skilled at the trade. 

You don’t have to build your own app and then struggle with patents and other legal aspects of such a complex task, but you can join an existing business that needs reinforcements and still work some development time into your schedule. 

Get paid for your opinions

Companies today constantly work on improving their services, but in order to do that, they need to understand precisely what should become better. And who better to provide that perspective than the users themselves? 

As an unbiased party, you can provide your perspective to different brands and earn some cash for the time you spend sharing your thoughts through surveys. This is a simple, yet productive way to be online without feeling that you’ve added too much on your plate since this work is stress and hassle-free. 

Join the crypto mining universe

Technology is quickly advancing, and as of recently, the use of cryptocurrencies has become more widespread in various industries. You can, for example, collect bitcoins to use as a savings pool, or mine different cryptocurrencies as a form of alternative investment to diversify your portfolio. Plus, more companies are accepting them as a form of payment. 

In order to use bitcoin mining as a way to earn some money on the side, you’ll need a powerful, reliable rig that will be optimal for your living space. Choose a rig that doesn’t make too much noise and doesn’t spend too much energy, so that you can balance out the costs and earnings from this particular side gig. 

Develop your own business

Side jobs often become the basis for permanent career paths, which is why so many people start out on a smaller scale until they know that the market is ready for their business. For example, you can start your own small, part-time tech business on the side and use it to develop your career down the line and evolve your presence into a much more prominent brand.

Be it selling arts and crafts online, establishing yourself as an expert voice in an industry, or providing workshops online, you can find an angle that allows you to grow and make money at the same time. 

Marketing will always be needed

Every single company out there needs a strong brand and a marketing strategy for it in order to gain enough traction with its target demographic. In case you are a skilled marketer, you can use your knowledge and expertise to help run a business more effectively and ultimately, you can take on multiple different projects for various businesses when you’re a marketing guru. 

You can provide social media strategies, content marketing services, create ads, newsletters, you name it. The marketing world is a vast one, and should you ever run your own company, these skills will also come in extremely handy, and you’ll be able to use them for yourself or for a multitude of up and coming brands out there. 

Virtual assistants to the rescue

Everywhere you look, there’s a new small business popping up, be it in the digital realm or in a brick-and-mortar form. In any situation, a growing business needs assistants, and this is your perfect opportunity to provide your skills to someone in a remote capacity, as a virtual assistant. You can set up a working arrangement that doesn’t disrupt your regular job, and you can choose an industry that’s new to you so that you can try out a new field for a while. 


When you’re in need of a cash boost, these tech side jobs are perfect for any schedule due to their flexibility and diverse nature. Use them to make some extra money and add a few useful skills to your resume, and you never know, maybe some of them have the potential to become your fulltime career?

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