6 Interior Décor and Design Ideas That Can Revive Your Home

Written by Robert Clayton

Whether it’s big or small, modern or retro, most of us take pride in our home and seek to make it as beautiful as possible. There’s a great joy to be found in making adjustments and getting every detail right, and those of us who are design enthusiasts or do it as a serious hobby usually feel very eager to get to work and give our house a nice makeover. Are you feeling a little underwhelmed with your living space and want to find a way to infuse a little life into the décor? Then take a look at some of our ideas and start a new design project that will revive it completely!

Experiment with new wallpapers

This is the easiest way to completely change a room. A fresh coat of paint is certainly an option too, but wallpapers give you more freedom because they allow for interesting patterns to be incorporated. If you feel like your living room is too big and empty, this could give it a visually more compact appearance. If your room is too small, then stick to wallpapers with subtle patterns or monochromatic colors. Fussy patterns won’t work in your favor. Also, bear in mind that wallpapers don’t have to be used on walls only—if you want to do something really interesting, consider utilizing them on your ceiling. The pattern could, for example, match your carpet, or even the seating arrangements in the room.

Add embroidered details

One way to add more interest into boring décor is to give it texture. Textured curtains, textures throw pillows, and thick rugs and furniture coverings will elevate everything to a whole new level because layering is a good way to make things more stylish. Stitched-on beads and other embellishments are easy to add to your throw pillows, so consider this mini DIY project for a quick, fresh makeover.

Play up the room with clever furniture placement

Good furniture placement can make a huge difference, and sometimes simply moving your bed to another part of your bedroom can make it all click into place. This is very important in the living room, where a clever arrangement can give it a relaxing, welcoming vibe. If you want to save space, installing TV wall mounts is a good idea because that way you’ll practically be giving yourself a home theatre, especially if you position the set right across the couch. No more bulky things that take up a huge chunk of your room, and no more accidentally bumping into your TV as you pass by. You can also move any sofas so they’re facing each other—this will allow for easy face-to-face conversation and make everything a little more intimate. Small changes such as these can tie everything together and completely transform the way you experience your own home.

Touch up your curtains

Think of your curtains as a long stretch of blank canvas. If you like, you can actually make them a little more fun though subtle use of embroidery, or to make it even easier, through frills—sew trimmings into the edges of your curtains and you’ll already make them a little more interesting. If you like frills, they can also be added to couch covers or even tablecloths anywhere in the room.

Put up a few simple shelves

More storage is always welcome, and simple, floating shelves can either serve a practical purpose and store your books, or be used for simple decoration. They’re easy to install pretty much anywhere in your home, and there are several options to choose from. Rustic wood, polished metal, or something else entirely, it’s easy to adjust to the rest of your décor. Put these up in your bathroom and store bathing products on it, or put them in your living room and use them for small figurines, pots, or your favorite novels.

Include some art

It’s simple, but that doesn’t make it any less effective. However, unless your home design allows for classical art, you might wish to reconsider actual paintings. Digital art, movie posters, and photo mosaics are a lot more modern and could potentially look better in your home, and they allow you to display something very personal. You can include your interests and showcase them to your guests, or you could make a mosaic out of family photographs if you prefer a little bit of sentimentality in your décor.

As you can see, none of these are big, complicated changes but they are still very effective. If your home is starting to feel a little dull and you want to freshen it up in a simple manner, these tips can really help you out.

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