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6 Habits that You Should Avoid for Clear Skin

Today’s lifestyle can be very stressful, and everything is becoming fast-paced. From the moment you wake up, to the minute you lay in your bed at night, you encounter a lot of things that can affect you in a myriad of ways. This is why you develop habits that will help you cope.

The reason why you wake up so early in the morning is that you want to avoid traffic. You choose only the best blackhead remover tools because you need something effective and quick. You opt for a sandwich from a fast food restaurant instead of a nice, warm meal at home because you need to keep up with your busy schedule.

Your lifestyle choices can affect your body, most especially, your skin. A lot of your daily habits can bring disaster to your skin.

Here are some that you should watch out for:

1. Piling on makeup products

 We need to look our best every day, but that’s hard to do if we have blemishes. Most people who suffer from acne pile foundations and concealers as a quick way to hide their acne. However, applying layer after layer of makeup does more harm than good. Layering makeup products on the skin blocks more pores, which in turn, causes acne formation.

It’s okay to use makeup when you have acne, but make sure to reach for clean products with SPF for both coverage and sun protection.

2. Using too many oil-absorbent products

You don’t want to look oily and greasy on your next big meeting, so you ditch your regular skin care products and switch to oil-absorbing products. Wrong. The body produces oil to keep the skin supple, soft and moisturized. Experts say that if you use too many products that will absorb oil, your face will dry up. When this happens, your skin will become more irritated, and the acne will just get worse.

3. Sleeping on dirty pillows

You don’t have a lot of spare time, so you might have forgotten about changing your pillowcase since last week. You may think that this is very minor, but it can cause a lot of problems to your skin. Sweat, dirt and bacteria from your face and your hair will stick to your pillowcase, and you’ll be rubbing them all over your face when you sleep.

It is highly recommended to flip your pillow over before you sleep, and change your pillowcase every other day. This is to prevent the reintroduction of bacteria on your skin.

4. Cleansing your face too often

Washing your face is a good thing. However, if you do it too often, it will dry your skin and cause your skin to overcompensate. More oil will be produced, hence, causing breakouts. Cleansing your face in the morning and before bedtime will do the trick.

5. Picking on spots

Picking on pimples and blackheads can sound tempting and stress-relieving, but do not, I repeat, do NOT do it! Popping zits can lead to scarring and making the pimples look worse than it was. It can also cause the bacteria to spread to other areas of the skin.

It is better to consult a dermatologist or use products and medications that will help your skin fight acne. You can also use a blackhead extractor for stubborn comedones.The best blackhead remover tools will not only get rid of impurities but will also help reduce fine lines.

6. Scrubbing your skin

When you are having a breakout, it can be tempting to just get it over and done with and scrub your face to get rid of all those pesky pimples and blackheads. However, this will only irritate your skin further and aggravate your acne problem. Experts advise limiting exfoliation to twice a week.

Talking on the phone

 Phones are a huge part of people’s lives. You bring it everywhere you go and leave it on a dozen of different surfaces before the day ends. When you answer phone calls, the dirt and bacteria your phone has collected from the surfaces it touches will transfer to your skin.

If you can’t relay your message over text, make sure to give your phone a wipe down before it goes anywhere near your skin.

Eating too much sugary foods and dairy

Ice cream and doughnuts may sound appealing, especially after a long, tiring day at work. While these would please your taste buds, they might have a negative impact on the skin. Foods that have a high glycemic index can cause inflammation in the skin, leading to breakouts. On the other hand, dairy products promote the growth of germs, and can also lead to inflammation. Cutting down on sweets and dairy will do your skin a lot of good.

Your skin faces a lot of threats every single day. Your daily activities may seem innocent enough, but you have to watch out for things that may affect your health and your skin negatively.

Your skin deserves more love and attention. Choose only the best blackhead remover tools and makeup and skin care products for your skin. Take care of your skin and give it the love it deserves now!

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