6 Easy Hacks To Promote Your Business Through Corporate Gifts

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When done right, promoting your business can yield numerous advantages. You can increase brand awareness in a way that clients, business associates, and customers will remember your brand for a long time. You may think that online marketing solutions are already enough to give your company the attention it deserves. Still, if you’re one to take branding seriously, you’ll look into all possible promotional strategies to reach a larger audience.  

In this regard, you might want to look more closely into corporate gifting and how it can potentially help you connect with the right people. Giving the right free products at the right time can make stronger professional relationships. It can also promote stronger affiliations that your company can significantly benefit from.

If you’re new to corporate gifts and how to effectively use them for promoting and marketing your business, these simple hacks should help you out: 

  1. Use Items That Offer Practicality 

Consumers will never say no to free items, but it’s a different story if they receive something they can genuinely use and enjoy. With that in mind, you might want to consider using items that can prove to be practical and helpful to people who’ll receive them. A good example would be MeowPrint custom shirts that they can wear stylishly and comfortably every day.  

Giving away custom shirts is a great promotional tactic that can be highly effective offline. People will wear them anywhere. If you’re creative enough, the design and logo incorporated in the shirts will leave a lasting impression on people who’ll see them. Other promotional items that offer practicality include custom mugs, umbrellas, tote bags, ID lanyards, and caps. Consumers use these kinds of items daily. If you give them at least one that they often use, hold, or even see, your brand will be something they can remember for a long time. 

  1. Be Specific With Your Promotional Goals 

Although your main objective is to promote your brand, you might still want to be specific with your promotional goals as you utilize corporate gifting. Setting a definitive purpose can help you think of what gift items to give away. If you wish to strengthen existing relationships with your clients, gifting them things that can make them feel valuable is a good strategy.  

Giving away certain MeowPrint corporate gifts such as custom pens, for example, is an excellent way to tell them you appreciate their patronage and loyalty. If your goal is to increase exposure and awareness of your brand, think of items that can spread the word effortlessly, such as colorful umbrellas and tote bags that scream your business name. 

  1. Connect Your Corporate Gifts To Your Industry 

Another hack to promote your branding through corporate gifts is to think of ways to connect the items to your line of business. If you have a company that sells bike gears and accessories, a great idea for a corporate gift would be water bottles that customers can attach to their bikes whenever they’re out and about. Chances are, other bikers will see the bottle and would be curious to find out more about your brand. 

If you offer administrative services, say, bookkeeping, accounting, or project management, you can customize office supplies and other items that your target audience can use at work. Some ideas you can try are ID lanyards, notebooks, pens, and stationary. You can be as creative and practical as you want to ensure you’ll be penetrating your consumers’ daily lives and functions.  

  1. Think Of Corporate Gifting As An Investment 

One common mistake among business owners is that they look at corporate gifting as an added expense, which shouldn’t be the case. The strategy is more of an investment that can significantly help you reach your promotional objectives if you think about it. It may cost an extra budget, but then, it’s a proven technique that can give your brand the exposure it needs. 

Including corporate gifts in your annual expenditures can be advantageous, especially if you plan to give custom items regularly and not just during holidays. You can turn the strategy into a tradition that customers can look forward to. Doing so will build familiarity, excitement, and better relationship with clients. They’ll always be waiting for what items you’ll be coming up next, and they’d badly want to covet those items. 

  1. Use Corporate Gifts In Contests And Giveaways 

Aside from giving gift items regularly, you can also use them to engage with your target audience. What you can do is hold contests through social media and give away corporate gifts as prizes. It’s a great technique to keep your customers updated with the latest events in your company. Contests are also effective as an ice breaker during product launches and other business events.  

Nothing excites shoppers more than getting free items, but it can be even more exciting and challenging if they know they have to compete with others to win. Simple giveaway strategies can make them feel like they won something big, be it a custom shirt, tote bag, or umbrella. The next time you’re holding an online event, more people will be watching because they want to try their luck on the free items you’re handing out. 

  1. Let Customers Design Their Own Gift 

If you want an out-of-the-box idea, you can consider letting the customers design your corporate gifts. You can make an announcement through your website or social media pages and ask people to participate in the contest. Aspiring artists and those who have a knack for anything creative will surely be interested in taking part in your unique game. 

You can let contestants submit their creations online and post the photos to garner votes. Not only is this a great way to attract new customers, but it’s also an efficient social media marketing method to come up with new designs for your corporate gifts. What’s more, the winning design or concept means the majority of your customers voted it, so that’ll make them even more excited to receive the actual product as a gift. 

Final Thought 

Corporate gifting is something to consider and incorporate in your marketing strategies to promote your business more effectively. Whatever your promotional goals may be, you can find the right corporate gift products that’ll meet your needs. No one can ever say no to free items, after all. Your brand can be something customers will see all the time, thus leaving a lasting impression to anyone who’ll see your corporate gifts.

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