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6 Best Volunteer Travel Destinations That Will Make You a Mindful Traveler

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The current global pandemic situation has made us think about the way we spend our days and sure about the way we treat our planet. It crossed some of our minds that perhaps this global virus outbreak is the planet’s way of telling us to take more care of it and not to take it for granted. Consequently, many of us are thinking about how we can use our time for doing good deeds after the pandemic is over. Perhaps you can consider switching to a career that helps others or traveling and doing some volunteer work. If you’re an adventurous type of person and you’re considering volunteer traveling, make sure you take a look at the following destinations.

Provide medical care to people in need in Bali

If you’re thinking about some fulfilling work opportunities that will make your life more meaningful, you should consider volunteer travel to some beautiful places around the globe. If you already do a job that saves people’s lives or you have some basic medical courses or training behind you, you can use that knowledge and your desire to do something even more meaningful and helpful and that is to volunteer in countries which do not have the funds to provide proper medical help to their people. In this way, you could help people desperately in need. The feeling you get from this kind of experience cannot be expressed in words. And, on top of all, you get to live for some time in such a paradise called Bali. Plan My Gap Year offers medical programs for volunteering.

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If you’re an animal lover use this perfect volunteering opportunity in Thailand

Elephant Village is based in Surin, Thailand and it is a volunteer camp where individuals take care of abused and neglected elephants. This is a perfect opportunity for people who love animals and want to visit the Earth’s paradise – Thailand. In this camp, volunteers are required to make safe places for elephants so they can live a healthy and peaceful life in their natural habitats. There are plenty of other volunteer camps around the world whose main objective is taking care of abused, endangered or hurt animals such as turtles, lions, cheetahs, hippos, hyenas, wildlife and marine life in general.

Volunteer in refugee camps in Greece

Working with refugees is currently one of the most needed volunteer jobs around the world. Many people had to leave their country due to it being a war zone. One such example is people from Syria, Afghanistan, Africa, and the Middle East, many of whom have decided to leave their country due to unfavorable life circumstances. Greece is the country to which many of them fled, so it is in desperate need of refugee camp volunteering individuals. The Greek economy is not strong enough to provide proper care for over a million refugees who were prosecuted in this Mediterranean country. People who decide to volunteer in Greece and give their contribution to the world by helping out the refugees can also experience the beauty of Greece known for its many sandy beaches and crystal-clear turquoise waters.


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Help save marine life in Seychelles

Another way animal lovers can pay our planet back is by helping save marine life in Seychelles. This kind of volunteer program offers the chance to earn PADI Advanced and PADI Coral Reef Research Diver qualifications, by working side to side with marine researches in this splendid place. If you decide to volunteer in this particular program, you will spend your days diving and doing underwater surveys. You will also participate in training sessions, marine debris surveys, environmental education sessions, and much more.

Teach English abroad in Costa Rica, Guatemala, or Peru

If you want to share your knowledge and teach people a certain language, for example, English, you can do that as well as some quite popular volunteering programs. Many of these programs require you to have a TEFL course, to prove that you are competent for teaching English. This is a great opportunity to travel, gain new skills and experience. There are plenty of native English programs in Costa Rica, Guatemala and Peru. They also offer different teaching opportunities including business English teaching, private tutoring, and school teaching, depending on your skills and preferences.

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For kids lovers – volunteer with children in Nepal

Nepal needs caregivers and teachers who focus on improving early childhood development and literacy in care centers. This program requires volunteers to work with young children and provide assistance on activities such as singing songs, teaching the alphabet as well as counting, playing catch with a ball to improve hand-eye coordination, reading stories and engaging children’s imagination. Previous experience in working with children is not required as you will be working together with the local staff and you’ll also attend workshops regularly. What you do need is genuine love towards children, strong will to teach them something, a lot of patience and effort.

Doing humanitarian work is something that enriches us in a very special way that only doing volunteer work and helping someone or something can do. It is a feeling that can’t be bought with any amount of money. This is so because when you do volunteer work, you’re helping someone or something just for the matter of helping them, not expecting anything in return.

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