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5 Useful tips to remember when buying men’s wedding cufflinks

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Cufflinks are one of the most powerful pieces of jewelry a man can wear. They are not just ornamental, but also serve a purpose. As an item which is both functional as well as aesthetic, when shopping for men’s wedding cufflinks, there are a few things to keep in mind.

How to Buy Wedding Cufflinks for Men?

A man’s wedding day is one of the most important days of his life, and the perfect accessory with a stunning tux can make the day more special.

  1. Don’t Let It Overpower the Rest of The Outfit

You might think that a cufflink, being a small accessory, will not overpower the rest of the outfit. But you might be wrong. Cufflinks can be a powerful statement, as even a person who is not a keen observer will spot a pair of cufflinks on a man’s outfit. Make sure that on your wedding day, your cufflinks are not too bright or jazzy so that they don’t take away the attention from your suit. They should be in such a style to complement your suit, not to overpower it.

  1. The Material Options for Cufflinks

Cufflinks can be made of almost every kind of material; they can be made of either gold, platinum, titanium, crystal, fiber, glass, gunmetal, mother of pearl, silk, rose gold or precious stones. While choosing men’s wedding cufflinks, you must try and opt for the one which reflects your personality. If the groom is loud, bright and outgoing, the occasion calls for cufflinks which are large and draw attention. Look for a material which is sturdy, durable and lasts long. This way, you can pass down your wedding cufflinks as a family heirloom.

  1. Color

Your cufflinks should typically be chosen to match your shirt’s color. This means that if you are going to wear a pink shirt, you can opt for rose gold cufflinks which have a hint of pink within them. If you are going for a slightly non-traditional wedding outfit for your wedding day, you should opt for cufflinks that complement your shirt, tie or even your shoes. You can never go wrong with a black, white or silver cufflink. However, in case of a more adventurous groom, you can create an accent in your wedding suit by opting for different colored cufflink that would grab just a right kind of attention.

  1. Symbolic Stones

Make your wedding outfit as memorable as possible. If you are picking out men’s wedding cufflinks for yourself, consider getting one which has either your birthstone embedded into it, or your significant others, as most of the wedding guests won’t know the deeper meaning behind this symbolic stone cufflink. Thus, you and your loved one can share a knowing smile at each other, your secret kept. These wedding cufflinks can then be preserved, only to be worn on special occasions perhaps. So, perhaps make your wedding cufflinks worth remembering with a symbolic stone.

  1. Engraved Cufflinks

Weddings are the perfect occasion to have your items personalized. So why to leave your cufflinks lagging behind the rest of your carefully chosen outfit? Personalize your wedding cufflinks with either your initials or the initials of the bride or groom. You can get a cufflink of your choice first and then later have it personalized and engraved by a jewel. This engraved cufflink will surely make a statement on your wedding day

Why not go all out on your wedding day? Consider all the little details, from your shoes right down to your cufflinks and make a bold statement on this very special day.



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