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5 Unique Ways To Light Up Your Home With LED Lights

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The holiday season is almost here, and apart from decorating your home for the upcoming festivities, it may also be the right time to upgrade the lighting in your abode. Great lighting not only makes your home more inviting, but it can also save you money, especially if you choose to go with LED lights.

According to the Department of Energy, an LED bulb uses only up to 25% of energy and lasts 25% longer than traditional incandescent bulbs. Moreover, it’s a fantastic way to illuminate your home as LED lights come in different forms to suit any of your lighting needs. Here are 5 unique ways to light up your home with LED lights.

Under the kitchen island

One of the benefits of switching to LED lights is that it’s safer, brighter, and clearer than other light bulbs, which makes it great to use in any part of your home. Sure, you can use an LED light bulb to illuminate your kitchen, but why not go the extra mile and install an LED strip under your kitchen island? The lighting gives the unit a great floating effect and it’s a great way to add a wow factor to your kitchen. While you’re at it, you may also want to add a few LED strips under the cabinets or cupboards for a unified look.

Under and over the bathtub

Want to give your bathroom an underwater feel? Try installing bright blue LED lighting trim around your vanity mirror, the perimeter of the ceiling, and under a bathtub. This works especially well in an all-white bathroom with a glass-sided bathtub.

Behind the headboard

LED strips installed behind your headboard can give your bedroom a futuristic feel if you use colored lights. This is a great look for a teenager’s room, especially if he or she is into sci-fi or gaming. For a more classic look, opt to use a LED strip that has warm white lights. Consider putting LED strips under the bed too for added drama.

Inside empty wine bottles

Instead of having a plain old chandelier over your dining room table, try this DIY lighting trick: place LED lights inside empty wine bottles, then affix the bottles to the ceiling, making sure to slightly vary the lengths of wire or cords that you’ll use. The result—a unique lighting fixture that will make for an interesting conversation piece for your next dinner party.

Around your flat screen TV

If your TV is the focal point of your living room, highlight it by attaching LED strips behind the TV. Warm white or clear white lights will suit any décor, while blue or green is great for playing video games on your favorite gaming console. For a futuristic look, try a purple LED strip behind your TV.

Using LED lights to jazz up your place is an inexpensive way to update your home for the holidays. Mix and match colors and try different LED forms such as strips or bulbs to see what works for your home. Try any of these tips and see how LED lighting can make your home more appealing in such an easy and cost-effective way.

Guest Post by Jess Walter

Photo by Vincent Tantardini on Unsplash

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