5 Tips for Clearing Out Negative Energy in Your Life

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For those who believe and understand spirituality, the existence of negative energy is very much a real thing. Negative energy is the force that tends to subject an individual to feelings of depression or a psychological downturn which can consequently lead to both physical and mental harm. Oftentimes, you won’t even notice negative energy seeping into your life before it’s too late.

Common effects of negative energy include mental disorders, unnecessary aggression, and even suicide. If you find yourself surrounded by negative energy, here are a couple of effective ways to eliminate negative energy from one’s life.

Practice Natural Calming Techniques

Negative energy can not only surround you but also inhibit your mental and physical health. Natural calming techniques such as finding a peaceful place to relax and engaging in deep, relaxing breaths can help calm the nerves and eliminate any negative spirit. Experts regard breathing exercises as one of the most effective approaches to getting rid of negative energy.

Relaxation through deep breaths is just the tip of the iceberg—there are advanced breathing exercises that specifically focus on getting rid of negative energy from the body. Yoga and meditation are two disciplines that specifically focus on breathing exercises for physical and mental relaxation. Find a discipline that works for you and focus on practicing the basics first.


One of the best ways to get rid of negative energy from your mind and body is meditation. Engaging in positive meditation can aid in relaxing your mind and spirit, making it a viable and effective way of eliminating negative energy. You can combine meditation with psychic readings to focus on the negative emotions you need to get rid of first.

Many online and offline organizations, as well as individuals, provide psychic reading services which are dependable and accurate. If you’re skeptical, you can try out a trial reading and get as much as 70% off your first reading, depending on whose service you’re hiring. As for meditation, there are a ton of books, videos, and free resources online that can help you get started on this positive habit.

Engaging in Light Exercise

Though it might sound like a far stretch, performing light exercise regularly even if you aren’t a fitness nut can be of great help in getting rid of negative energy. Jogging and walking are effective ways of getting rid of negative energy. You can also practice yoga and tai chi which combine both body movements and spirituality to get rid of negative energy.

The ease in blood circulation through exercises can energize your body to ward off any negative energy in and around your surroundings, and this can have an additional effect on other people within the same vicinity. If you don’t find the motivation to go out for jogging or walking sessions alone, you should look for a partner to accompany and motivate you.

Avoid Unnecessary Whining and Nagging

Despite being a no-brainer, it’s surprising how most people just can’t seem to avoid engaging in unnecessary whining and nagging. Staying away from a conflicting situation can help one maintain a stable mental disposition. To sustain this mindset, you need to eliminate disturbing negative energy surrounding you and ensure a balanced lifestyle.

Unnecessary whining and nagging are commonly considered very irritating personality traits and often not welcome in social engagements. Engaging in these activities brings no benefit and, more often than not, creates unnecessary conflicts with friends, family members, and professional contacts.

Staying Close to Nature

Sometimes the best way to get rid of negative energy is to get away from your current environment and spend some time in nature. Having a quiet time to reflect or meditate in the open air on top of a hill or mountain or under the shades of a tree can greatly help to soothe your mind affected by life’s vicissitudes. Such spaces not only help in healing aching hearts but also eliminate negative energy.

You can find somewhere near your home where you can go to relax and reflect whenever you feel restless or book a tour to someplace far away that has a lot of positive energy.

Don’t Let Negativity Take Over

If you feel the presence of negative energy in your life, don’t ignore the signs and start following the above-mentioned tips to bring your life back on track. Negative energy not only makes you miserable but also wastes valuable time from your life which you’ll never get back. So make sure to make the best of these tips to live a positive and healthy life.

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