5 Things You Need to Start Your Beauty Business

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As a business owner, the magic of your skills and abilities isn’t the only puzzle piece necessary to ensure you are reaching new heights in your career. In fact, one of the biggest challenges as a Makeup Artist or Beauty Entrepreneur is getting your beauty business up, running and scaling it as you grow.

When it comes to starting your own beauty business, knowing where to begin can be a daunting task. Luckily, we’ve been on this journey before and wanted to share with you everything we know.

If you know it’s time to become your own boss and take control of your life!

Make sure to take note of these five things you need to start your beauty business today…

#1 A Strong Portfolio

Your portfolio should be filled with images you are proud of and reflect the kind of work you want to book. It’s so important to have a strong portfolio to show clients what you can offer & why they should book your services!

#2 Your Own Marketing Strategy

Amongst the competitive nature and fast pace of the beauty industry, sadly relying on your talent is often not enough when it comes to growing your client base.

In our digital era, building an online presence is a great, cost-effective way to market your business. Through the rise of social media, people are turning to digital alternatives when it comes to finding the services they need. With little to no cost involved, getting yourself on Instagram or Facebook could be vital when it comes to paving the future of your beauty biz and reaching a brand-new client base. Here is a guide from BizfundingHub about starting your business online.

In the ever-evolving digital age, developing your social media strategy is the best way to increase your reach and show your work to more potential clients. Even Kylie Jenner found her personal MUA through his Instagram!

#3 A Budget Plan

Managing your finances is so important from the get-go when it comes to starting your own business. Keeping track of your budget will help you build a strong foundation to grow from as we all know, managing your money wisely is the best way to turn your passion into a profession.

Using a budget planner can be a crucial tool used to plan ahead for the financial year. You can then map out your income and expenditure plans to account for any additional spending in busier times of the year.

Each year that you manage your finances will make the following year even easier as you can look back at what you’ve done before!

#4 The Right Mindset

The importance of your own self-confidence is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. If you don’t truly believe it’s possible for you, then you won’t invest your time and energy into making it happen.

The most important thing to be done in any business is having faith in yourself to show up and do the work whilst being open to receiving the success & income you desire.

If you’re struggling with confidence, or need to give imposter syndrome the boot, consider repeating some daily affirmations to remind yourself of all the amazing aspects you possess.

#5 Have Big Dreams!

Know what you want to achieve and why you want to achieve it.

Once you have that clear, it will be powerful enough to carry you through all the ups and downs your journey will bring.

On days where you are struggling, it’s important to remember your ‘why’.

Your ‘why’ is the reason you started this journey in the first place. Sometimes this can get lost in the day-to-day of running your business but try and remember it as much as possible to help keep you motivated and striving for success.

Dreaming big is the best way that you can take an active role in your life. Remember – It’s only you who can control your own destiny!

Do you feel like you’re missing any pieces of the puzzle?

If so, we’re here to help.

At KLMA, we’ve developed a program designed to help female entrepreneurs with a service-based business build traction, get organized and finally achieve their dreams!

We’ve been where you are now, we understand what it’s like trying to birth your business baby and we know the steps that will get you results (and also the ones that won’t).

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