5 Spots in India That Are Known for Delicious Food

“Food is for eating, and good food is to be enjoyed… I think food is, actually, very beautiful in itself.” ~ Delia Smith

India has its own unique tastes and delicacies when it comes to food. Food lovers are often attracted from all over the world to this vibrant land. Mouth-watering cuisines with different varieties and high quality of food makes it much more attractive. Foodies from all over the world plan for countless trips to various countries in order to taste varieties of dishes. If you really want to taste different flavours and dishes under one hood, then plan a trip to India. The soul of this land won’t leave you until it makes you even much happier with its age old mantra for exotic tastes. So, plan for feeding yourself and to treat your taste buds with something unique and which is extremely mouth-watery, then, make sure that you visit each and every places we’ve included in this list of five spots in India that are known for delicious food.


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Known as the land of biryanis, Hyderabad has its own charm when it comes to food. Although it is known for tasty Hyderabadi biryani, the food there is a fusion of Mughlai, Arabic and Turkish food, with Telugu and Marathwada influences. Known for spicy food, it’s a different experience altogether for non-veg lovers. Perfectly cooked chicken and mutton are specialities of Hyderabad and a food lover should try out the various option it offers. Mirchi Ka Salan, Dum Pukht and Hyderabadi Marag are some of the other tasty food offered by the royal taste of Hyderabad. Sweet dishes like gajar ka halwa is another item which would get a person to fall in love with the magic of Hyderabadi dishes.



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Delhi is known for two things: rich culture or heritage and of course, food. Since Delhi is a fusion of various cultures, you’ll find the best of all sorts of food in Delhi. It’s a complete retreat for a person who likes to try out something new. From Chandni Chowk to Majnu ka Tilla, Delhi offers its unique taste in all kinds of food. Known for street foods, Delhi has it all under its hood. From paranthas to chaat, butter chicken, kebabs, chole bhature, rolls and momos, it’s a delightful experiences for your taste buds. In spite of that, Delhi has a place named after a food item itself, its own Paranthe waali gali, famous for its hot and extremely delicious parantha.


Known for sea foods, Bhubhaneshwar, the capital of Orissa is another perfect location for foodies. Known as the ‘Temple city of India‘, it has a different side to it in the form of delicious food it offers. Seafood such as crabs, lobsters and prawns are some of the specialities it offers and are relished in there. Lambs and chicken are some of the other attractions of this place. The style of cooking at this place is quite distinctive than others. A typical meal here consists of chapati, dal, bhaji and desserts. Maccha Ghanta, Crab Kalia, Bhendi Bhaja, Khichdi and Chungdi Malai are some of the dishes which are popular among foodies…


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The heart and soul of Punjab lies in Amritsar and is home to one of the beautiful and iconic temples in India, the Golden Temple. The visitors to this place consists of people from around the globe and it makes a perfect location for showcasing the power of Amritsar through its rich and tempting food. The divine prasad offered by the Golden Temple, which they call as langars are one of the most delicious meal you can have from this city. From desserts and sweets to fried and roasted, the city offers everything to keep its visitors tummy in its own loving way. The city is known for kulchas, parantha, fish fry, chicken dishes and a lots of lassi in different flavours to complete your meal.


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There is no argument about the fact that Kerala is often regarded as the land of beauty. There are many temples in Kerala. It holds the status of ‘God’s own country’. Nature’s beauty in Kerala is highly incredible, but, at the same time, there is no argument about the fact that the food it offers is just too unique from the rest of India and they are proud of their super delicious dishes. Known as the land of spices, the food here, generally, is spicy which attracts the non-veg lovers to the core. The land of coconut trees rarely cook any food without the use of coconuts which makes it even tastier. Some places in Kerala are famous for its sea foods too, like in Aleppy., Idiyappam along with egg curry, Dosa Ghee Roast, spicy chicken fry, Kerala Prawn Curry, Kerala Style Sambar and Mussel Stir Fry are some of its specialities. The sadya or the typical Kerala Banquet meal, where the banana leaves are used as plate is one of the tastiest foods that you’ll have, ever.

The magic of food cannot be completely described through words. A true foodie understands that. Plan your trip to these places in prior and try different flavours of these land. Life is so small to taste everything around us but how can you miss the most beautiful sceneries and the tastiest food when you can get these at these given places. Mark your dates fast and plan a trip to these places with your family or friends for your vacation and make everyone happy around you because food unites us in some way.

Rohit is a diehard foodie and is constantly on the look out to experience new cuisines. Having travelled to almost every part of India, he was sampled almost every type of Indian cuisine. You can read his blog at Trans India Travels.

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