5 of the Most Common Myths About Tofu, Debunked

Written by Felicia Priedel

Many people have a lot of negative thoughts about tofu. Some see it as a chemical mess that negatively impacts our body’s hormones, while others see it as dry, flavorless, and difficult to cook with. There are a lot of common myths about tofu, and today we’re going to debunk five of them.

1. Tofu Raises Estrogen Levels

Many people think that soy, and subsequently tofu, raises estrogen levels, but this is simply not true. Estrogen only exists in animals, while soy contains phytoestrogens. While these may seem similar, phytoestrogens actually lower the levels of estrogen in humans rather than raising them.

2. Tofu Is Bad for You

One of the most common myths about tofu is that it’s unhealthy. This is not true. Soy is generally not genetically modified and often reduces the risk of breast or prostate cancer. The soy in tofu provides beneficial nutrients such as protein, iron, and calcium.

3. Tofu Has No Flavor

Many people dislike tofu because they think it has no flavor. Tofu has some of the natural nuttiness and smokiness of the soy it’s made from, but like many foods, the flavor enhances through cooking. Much like potatoes, tofu gets much of its flavor in the marinating and cooking process.

4. Tofu Is Hard To Cook With

Many people think tofu is challenging to cook with, but it’s more a matter of properly learning how to cook with the different types of tofu. For example, medium tofu is softer and contains more water, so it works best in something like a miso tofu soup. Extra-firm tofu is sturdier and works better for grilling, frying, and meat-like substitutions. Learning to cook with tofu requires a bit of adapting, but it’s no more challenging to learn than other common ingredients.

5. Soy Is Unsustainable

Only a tiny percentage of the soy grown throughout the world feeds humans. Most soy goes towards animal feed or making soy-based products. As far as farming goes, soy is one of the world’s most sustainable forms of protein growth, with minimal negative environmental impact.

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