5 Music Industry Jobs & Their Salaries

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There’s nothing nosier than figuring out the salary for a job. The thing is, if you want to be involved in a new industry, the first thing that you do is research what the benefits and perks are of that industry. It’s not because you are all about the money, it just helps to know that while you’re doing your thing to make it big, you can still pay the rent while you do it.

The music industry is one of those that attracts lucrative salaries and those that work within it are seen as those with power; after all, entertainment is all about being in the spotlight, right? However, the music industry is broad, and there are a lot of roles that are available for people of all levels. So, you’re interested in the music industry and have no clue where your dreams will take you. Let’s take a look at five industry jobs and what you can expect from them:

Music PR. Not many people have heard of the roles of marketing specialists in music, but they exist! They’re required to have a set of skills to help them with promoting artists they work with. There are usually large lists of contacts involved, and they need sound organisational and a journalistic job history. PR specialists can bring home $100k and in a growing industry, this has potential.

Road Manager. As opposed to music label owners like Coran Capshaw, road managers stay with their acts on the road. They can support their acts with budgeting, travel plans, merchandise sales and press. They are well paid at $100-125k per year, but it’s not an easy job to be on the road all the time!

Booking Agent. Working on behalf of their artists, booking agents do what they can to help them to book the best gigs, festivals and clubs for the most exposure. It’s usually a commission-based role, with agents taking 10-20% of a booking fee. The most renowned booking agents of the big stars out there have been known to earn over a million dollars in a year.

Music Therapist. With work available in a multitude of educational and healthcare environments, music therapists are a respected role in the industry. Commanding salaries of up to $135k in private practice, they use music to help others.

Orchestral Musician. In this genre, the musicians can expect to earn depending on the size of the show and the orchestra that they play in. You could command a salary of between $28-143k and there have been orchestras that have paid over this. The skills that you need to play professionally in an orchestra are very technical and take a lot of education.

Whatever role that you choose to take on in this industry is going to get you noticed by the right people. There is huge potential for a long career; all you have to so is start turning your music dreams into reality. Get researching and get educated, for life begins today.

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