5 Handy Tips for Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchens are widely regarded as the heart of every home, and a place to share meals and relax. It is therefore one of the most commonly used spaces.

It makes sense that while it is an inherently practical space, people want the visual appeal of their kitchens to spark joy in their daily living. Renovating your kitchen can feel like a huge change for the house as a whole, and breathe fresh new energy into your home. However, it can feel like a momentous task, and the following are some great tips to guide you through the process.


Kitchens rarely ever look appealing when they reside in a permanent state of mess and disorganization. Understand that organization systems and clever storage are the keys to having your kitchen look beautiful all the time, and not spending copious amounts of your time cleaning tidying. This leads to a more stress-free environment and gives your space a calming and contenting atmosphere.


This important and often different to how each individual household behaves in the kitchen. Having your storage for plates and cups next to where your dishwater will be installed creates smoother flow to the space as a whole. Think through what steps you most commonly take in your kitchen and plan your renovation in accordance with what makes sense for you.

Give Yourself Space

It can be an exciting process to renovate your kitchen, and tempting to fill it with new accessories and appliances. While you can definitely take advantage of the opportunity to install elements you’ve always wanted, you need to remember that a cramped space is neither comfortable nor practical. Give yourself space to walk around, carry objects and generally feel like the room is open. This will also help with cleanliness as larger spaces are easier to keep organised.

Consider a Kitchen Island

These have been booming in popularity for the past decade for their functionality and ability to draw a central focus to the space. Many people install sinks on their islands for easy use, and boiling water taps are a growing trend, as they immediately pour hot water, making cups of tea in the most efficient manner possible! You can also replace the need for a dining table with an island surrounded with seating. A lot of families find this appealing as it places communal activity at the center of the room.

Think About Your Counters

Countertops are easily one of the most important aspects of a kitchen. They provide a great deal of the visual appeal and practicality of the space itself, and usually is one of the first things people notice when they walk into the space. You can find a range of counter tops at granitetransformations.co.uk, where you can choose a style that is aesthetically pleasing and matches the colour scheme of the room, with a material that is also durable, scratch and heat resistant and easy to maintain.

Follow these tips to enjoy a smooth renovation and fantastically designed new kitchen.

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