5 Guest Posting Mistakes To Avoid

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Even though Guest Posting Service is one of the best performance-oriented strategies, many agencies and brands fail to utilize it. This is because they commit serious and elementary errors when it comes to guest posting.

In this article on guest posting service, we will look at the top 5 mistakes to avoid. We will also be looking at why agencies, SEOs, brands and search engines love guest posting.

Guest Posting Service: Meaning and Definition

Guest Posting is the process of creating original, informative and credible content on behalf of your client. Post the creation of the content, external websites and publishers are reached out to and requested to publish the content on their platform.

This helps in exposing the brand’s content in front of new audiences, geographies, and regions. This also helps in gaining valuable backlinks to your brand website. Backlinks are critical, as Google and other search engines count them as one of the top three ranking factors.

Let us look at some of the major advantages of Guest Posting Service-

  1. Guest Posting helps reach out to new audiences and topographies.
  2. The strategy is instrumental in gaining crucial backlinks of both a ‘do-follow’ as well as a ‘no-follow’ nature.
  • It helps in building the credibility of the brand if the brand’s content is published on reputable sites.
  1. Guest Posting Service helps in establishing networking, relationships, and connection with industry authority voices.
  2. An effective guest posting strategy can help in leads generation and sales conversions effectively.

5 Guest Posting Service Mistakes to Avoid: The List

Even though most agencies, brands, and SEOs are aware of the benefits of guest posting, we find that there is no agreement about the proper strategy that is to be executed. What might work for one brand and SEO, might not work for someone else? This coupled with the fact that Google comes down heavily on websites employing Black Hat Spammy guest posting strategies.

In the following section, we will be looking at the top guest posting mistakes to avoid for brands, agencies, and SEOs.

  1. Don’t post on platforms and websites which are not related to your industry niche-

One of the foundations of guest posting is publishing on industry-relevant niches. For Google, the relevancy of the platform and the related industry is essential when it comes to guest posting service. It is imperative that you post on platforms that are in your industry, or relevant to it.

For example, if you are a brand, or are representing a brand, which is manufacturing kitchen equipment, you can publish on sites about Cooking, Recipes, Food, and Restaurants and so on. These sites are related to the food industry.

  • Avoid using Plagiarized Content at all costs-

Creating the right content can be expensive. This is why some SEOs and agencies use ‘Article Spinning Software’, which create grammatically incorrect content. If you want to really see the benefits of guest posting, you need to create 100% original and non-plagiarized content.

Great content will help you not only be accepted by the best publishers, but it will also lend credibility to your backlink. It will also add to website traffic in a major way. It is important that brands concentrate on creating original content at all times.

  • Prevent Publishers from linking to your branded content article-

While there are many publishers who are ethical and professional in their approach, there are some, who are not. It is important to let the publisher know that you do not want any other website’s backlinks on your article. Some publishers sell backlinks to industry-relevant brands and place their web links on some words in your article.

These might be spammy in nature or lead to some incorrect websites. As a result, your credibility might take a hit. Hence, you should make it clear at the outset of the negotiations.

  • Try to avoid working with Link Resellers and Private Blog Networks-

I have often seen brands and agencies complain about not seeing the desired results from guest posting service. In 90% of the cases, the results suffer as they end up working with link resellers and PBNs. These entities do not have any regard for relevance, metrics or content quality.

They are just interested in sending live URLs and earning from multiple sources all at the same time. If you want to experience great results, it is important that you work directly with publishers and specialized agencies.

  • Do not stop communicating or being grateful to publishers-

The digital marketing industry is increasingly becoming an impersonal and inhuman world. Once the ‘job’ is completed, brands, SEOs, and agencies forget the publisher. This is a huge mistake to make. By maintaining contact and being grateful for the publishing, you can open more doors for opportunity.

Many do not realize that a great guest posting service does not end with just publishing the content. It can extend to Newsletters, Social Sharing, and multiple other engagements. However, all this depends on the nature of the relationship you have been able to build up with the publisher.


If done right, guest posting offers a complete 360-degree digital marketing success strategy. In this article, we have tried to help you avoid the top five guest posting service mistakes. This can improve your guest posting efforts, improve performance and deliver on results in a major way.

Even though almost all digital marketing strategies theoretically guarantee successes, some of them fail at the execution stage. It is important that brands, agencies, and SEOs stick to the basics. It is equally important that all the parties pay attention to Google’s Quality Guidelines at all times.

Do let us know what you thought about the article in the comments section below. What according to you are some of the top guests posting service mistakes that should be avoided?

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