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5 Great Pregnancy Exercises

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During pregnancy, your body goes through many changes, both physical and hormonal. There are many exercises that are great when performed in pregnancy. They will provide you with strength and will increase your levels of energy as well. Read about 5 of the best here:

Daily walk
Walking is the best remedy for those aching legs and sore muscles that most women suffer from in pregnancy. You can do it daily for at least half hour. It will make you stay fresh and healthy during your pregnancy. Walking will also keep your blood pressure in control, and you can set the time of the walk according to your convenience.

Swimming is one of the best bump friendly exercises. It is well known as a great exercise to ease any pregnancy discomfort. It will improve the movements of your body and it is a fun activity at the same time. Even in summer swimming is something refreshing to do. It also increases your pain tolerance which is essential in pregnancy.

Strength training
Strength training is an amazing exercise for pregnant woman as it improves the circulation of the blood which is good for the baby to grow. It can also strengthen the muscles and tissues of your body. You can purchase adjustable dumbbells for this and adjust the weight according to your weight bearing capacity. Just make sure not to carry heavy weights.

Squats are safe for all pregnant women. You can perform eight to ten squats daily to increase the flexibility of the body. It will help ease backache that is commonly experienced in pregnancy. When performing the squats keep your back straight. Do not perform this exercise for more than fifteen minutes during pregnancy. You must not exhaust yourself while pregnant.

Wall press
To make your upper body firm and to strengthen your arms, you can perform the wall press exercise. It is an amazing work out for your arms and chest. It will keep your breasts firm and will protect from sagging. Try this exercise for ten to fifteen minutes every day and gradually increase the time.

 All the exercises mentioned above are remarkable for pregnant women. They are safe for all three trimesters of pregnancy. I hope this article helps you out. Have a wonderful day and good luck for your pregnancy!


Ida Jones is a mother of two little ones. She enjoys home-based workouts, cardio exercises, and long runs. She loves spending her vacations outdoors with her kids around nature. She believes in clean and healthy eating. She regularly writes about fitness tips and much more at Fitness Grit.

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