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5 Fun Hobbies You Can Start in Your Thirties

One of the most depressing moments in one’s life is when you’re about to turn thirty. Your age no longer starts with a 2, so you’re basically entering the fourth decade of your life – we’re pretty old, aren’t we? However, what got me through this very moment is the fact that the thirties are the new twenties, and after thinking about it for a moment, I realized that turning thirty is actually something that I am looking forward to – we get to keep our partying self that we’ve always been but with a bit of wisdom. So then, I started thinking about all the hobbies that I would like to do when I turn thirty, and the list just kept getting longer and longer – there are certain things that I didn’t like when I was 21 but I would very much enjoy doing now. So, this is my list of the great hobbies you can start in your thirties, each one of them unique and interesting.

Beer brewing

Beer brewing is quite a masculine thing to do (we’re not saying that women can’t do it too, but it’s men who are interested in this drink a bit more), and since it is quite popular at the moment, it could very well be the hobby that you’re looking for. Not only will it be quite interesting to brew your own beer, but it can bring you some cash on the side, especially if you excel at it. So, what you need to do is invest a bit in the equipment, try to learn how to produce your own beer (and bear in mind that you can learn a great deal from the internet if you know where to look) and you will have the best lager, ale or stout beer in your area.



Collecting is always a very interesting thing to do, and you can basically choose anything – from stamps and coins to baseball cards and vinyls. There’s something quite satisfying in accumulating whole sets of books or having the oldest stamps and coins. If you want to collect something more interesting, you can opt for the amazing pop dolls that are both very appealing and unbelievably awesome. As far as these pop dolls are concerned, there are many different series and collections that you can choose from – from the basic ones to pop dolls based on different literary and movie characters from Harry Potter, Game of Thrones or even anime. Just pick your passion and you’re all set.


Perhaps you already know how to cook the simplest meals (maybe even ones that are a bit more complicated), and if you can find your way around your kitchen and you enjoy this activity, you can make it a hobby in your thirties. There are so many different cuisines in the world, so trying to get the gist of each one is definitely anything but dull. You can also invite all your vegan friends over and serve them your veggie based homemade dinner, and more importantly, this is a great thing for showing off to the person you’re interested in in a romantic way.



Being in your thirties means that you are more mindful and that you respect more not only yourself and other people around you, but nature as well. There are many people who choose to try out gardening when they turn thirty, and if you like plants, then this could be a perfect idea for you as well. You can try to grow some of the most beautiful plants, your own vegetables, or simply beautify your garden.


If you spent your late twenties taking photographs of yourself in order to change your profile picture on Facebook or Twitter, and you have an eye for photography, why not make it your hobby? Even though it might be quite difficult to make it your profession at this very moment, having a good camera and snapping different moments will not only be quite interesting but it can also help you in creating precious memories for your future self.

Once you turn thirty, put a smile on your face and embrace a new hobby. There are so many amazing activities that you can immerse yourself into, so why not?

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Written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a LGBT writer at Gay Republic and The Homo Culture magazine. A true craft beer and soy latte aficionado, he loves spending his days at the beach and visiting second hand stores on a daily basis. Follow Peter on Twitter for more tips.

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