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5 foods for a flat tummy

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Tired of dieting and exercising to lose those few extra pounds? Well, team up your daily exercise routine with these few food habits. A balanced diet can get your metabolism to boost up and result in the perfect flat tummy that you have always wished for. The food items that make up your meal really play a major role in burning away those calories. All those models you look up to, well, it’s time to become one, with this routine!


One important thing in the process of losing weight is improving your digestive health. Yogurt is just the food for you. Including yogurt in your diet can prove to be one of the best foods to consume for that flat tummy. Get rid of constipation and any sort of potential bloating fast with this healthy yet delicious food item which is very low on calories and fat and acts as an amazing source of probiotics. Yogurt also helps to reduce the level of the harmful bacteria in the gut by increasing the growth of good bacteria in your digestive system. Increase your metabolism fast, which will give your exercising routine a nudge with this simple, light and healthy food item.

Including yogurt in your diet can prove to be very convenient on your part, without stressing out on how to consume it in the right amount, just mix it up with your regular meal, or make it a quick snack in the middle of your tiring day to suppress those fits of hunger. Speed up your dieting game by adding a few low calorie healthy fruits in your yogurt or mix up your yogurt with your diet smoothie to make it taste even better!


Berries besides being a treat for your taste buds, have some really great inbuilt properties that can help you shed those extra pounds. Rich in antioxidants, all sorts of red and blue berries (likered grapes, strawberries, cherries, blueberries, blackberries, gooseberries and raspberries, blackcurrants) have a natural chemical which not only gives them their colour but also burns tummy fat.

This fruit is low in sugar and highly rich in antioxidants can stabilize your blood sugar level, improve your digestive system and reduce bloating by simply being a part of your diet. Without worrying about where to shop, just scroll on your phone and the big basket coupons are anyway here to help you get the right amount of discounts that you need for ordering your favorite diet friendly foods online at the best prices!

Top up your cereals with some berries, or just munch around at work to control yourself from eating any other junk, make a smoothie or just mix them up to make a fruit salad. Berries can easily be added to your daily routine and help you a great deal in getting a flat tummy.


Having a balanced diet can really get you to achieve that flat tummy in very less time. An apple is the healthiest fruit you can include in your diet without worrying at all about sugar and calories. This fruit being a great source of fibre and extremely rich in nutrients makes looking like a model seem extremely easy! An apple or two a day will not only get rid of that extra unwanted belly fat but will also keep you fit and full of energy to help you get through the day. With fiber and pectin present in each apple that you consume, your digestion improves, metabolism increases rapidly and weight loss becomes fun.

Being a delicious fruit, apple can be easily accommodated in your daily routine, mix it up with your cereal, or just bite away into one or two daily while at work. Make sure to not peel away the apple as the peel too is rich in insoluble fiber which can help you reduce bloating.

Whole grains

Whole grains being a low fat source of releasing energy can really help you with your weight loss. They help in regulating and keeping a check on your digestive system through their high levels of fibre which avoid bloating and keep you feeling full for a very long time, which in turn will then keep you from eating any kind of junk or unhealthy food. They also help in lowering levels of the stress hormone (cortisol) and insulin in your body which will then control the fat being stored around the belly and help you get that flat tummy much easily.

Whole grains tend to stand strong in your diet place as a replacement for wheat, the processed form, which on the other hand is very difficult to digest. Try to opt for whole grain alternatives such as brown rice over white rice,  whole grain pasta over wheat pasta, and brown bread over white bread.


We often hear about how nuts like walnuts, almonds, pistachios are high in calories and fat, this obviously makes us to skip them from our diet. Well, this is not always the case, a handful of nuts in a day can actually cause a lot of belly fat to burn away. With the right amount of consumption, nuts provide you with the “healthy fat” that your body needs to burn away the “extra fat”!

Curb your cravings with nuts as they help you maintain your sugar level, the high protein and fibre levels can really stabilize your digestive system. Almonds, eaten along with its skin can help you achieve that flat belly without much efforts. The best part about nuts consumption is the time and the way of eating them won’t bother you. Fix up the amount of nuts to you need to consume, too much consumption might lead to an unwanted calorie gain.  A handful of nuts can easily be mixed with your day to day meal, add them up in a smoothie, or just chew away at work!

Of course, you have been gifted with a certain body shape but there is no harm in changing the way you wish to look. These tips to get a flat tummy can actually be executed with ease. Just equip yourself with the right food and nutrients to get that dream body type.

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