5 Compelling Reasons to Use Natural Cosmetic Products

Nowadays, it seems that you can’t walk through a single aisle at a supermarket without learning that most of the product on display is bad for you in some way. You might find that your favorite brand of skin conditioner has “proprietary formulas”, which is a fancy way of saying that the product has synthetic colors, fragrances, and more. You might find that the deodorant stick you’re interested in has parabens and alcohol. And what about the makeup you use?

Perhaps your makeup is 100% natural, great, but have you checked if it has been made through labor exploitation or if it has been tested on animals? These are the type of things you have to be mindful of nowadays, ladies because your buying decisions are not only affecting your personal health but the world around you as well. Here are five reasons why you want to use only natural beauty products.

Look pretty and save the world


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Okay, you might not be able to save the world all on your own, but choosing to buy natural, local, and sustainably-made products is a good way to contribute. It’s not just about the ingredients, it’s also about the way the product was made. When a company advertises as sustainable, it’s stating that the products you’re buying were not tested on animals, or made through human exploitation. 

When it comes to safeguarding the environment, it is equally important to choose natural products over their toxic counterparts. Beauty products that are rich in chemicals and synthetic blends end up in the air and the water, and slowly but surely, they end up polluting the ecosystem. With natural products boasting natural ingredients, you are returning nature to nature. See, you can look good and save the world in the process.

Suitable for expecting mothers

One of the most compelling reasons why women are increasingly turning to natural skin care products is the prospect of long-term health, especially during pregnancy. If you are an expecting mother, you know all-to-well that everything you put in your body can affect the living being growing inside of you. From the foods, you eat to the healthy habits you uphold, and all the way to beauty products you use, every decision can make a difference.

This is why it’s important to find and stick to the best skincare for pregnancy routine that will safeguard your health and the health of your child. Remember, your skin will absorb some of the compounds and properties of the beauty products you use, which will end up in your bloodstream, so make sure to avoid all chemicals and stick to products that are free of parabens, fragrances, synthetic colors, and the like.

Avoid adverse side effects


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Synthetic beauty products that contain proprietary blends (which probably means parabens, among others) can have all kinds of negative side effects. Parabens, in particular, are dangerous to your overall health, as these synthetic preservatives mimic estrogen production in your body, which can affect your body’s ability to regulate the hormone. In turn, this can cause numerous health conditions, ranging from acute irritations, all the way to an elevated chance of breast cancer. Instead of risking your long-term health, stick to products that have natural preservatives.

Avoid acute skin conditions

Even if you’re not expecting, you should still stick to an all-natural skincare routine and cosmetic products. Synthetic products can have many adverse effects, one of them being acute skin irritations, blemishes, breakouts, rashes, and other conditions. If the product you’re using has artificial colors, fillers, or phthalates, be sure to throw them out immediately and exchange them with products that boast extracts from all-natural sources.

Use them long term without risk

And finally, keep in mind that natural cosmetic products are safe to use over the long term. Instead of worrying if you should take a break from your favorite brand of eyeliner, or if you should switch to a different moisturizer, you can use an all-natural product indefinitely without risk of any side effects. Yes, synthetic products might produce immediate results, but over the long term, they may end up doing more harm than good.

Final thoughts

There are many lifestyle habits that can affect your long-term health, and using beauty products is one of the major ones. By transitioning to natural cosmetic products, you will not only safeguard your health, but you will aid the preservation of Mother Earth in the process.

Claire Hastings is a wanderer and a writer. She writes as long as she can remember, and she is very passionate about fashion, running, other cultures, and her cat.

5 Compelling Reasons to Use Natural Cosmetic Products
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