4 Ways to Enhance the Hallway of Your Residence

Hallways aren’t always so easy to decorate. Unlike in other rooms, you don’t have a lot of space to work with. They need to be functional and tasteful without being cluttered and excessively decorated. Luckily, the internet is full of tips and ideas for elegant, tasteful, and cute hallways. With these tips, that part of your house is bound to be as impressive as all the rest.

1. Add a full-size mirror

full size mirror

If you want to add functionality, a mirror is your go-to piece of décor. It’s going to be very useful having a full-size mirror in your hall as you’ll always know exactly what you look like before you head out. On another note, mirrors are extremely beneficial for small spaces.

It’s simple, really – they create the illusion of more space. For the best visual effect, you should buy a mirror with a nice frame and lean it against the wall. Another added benefit is that the room will appear to be brighter, as well.

2. Make it functional


A hallway doesn’t have to miss out on having a point just because it’s small. You can introduce multipurpose furniture, where your shoe storage would extend into and double as a coat hanger, for example. A more creative idea is to put a blackboard on the walls.

This way, you’ll be able to write messages and reminders on the walls. You don’t have to worry about forgetting anything anymore, as it will all be neatly written next to the door. A blackboard also means your guests can leave a personal touch on your home. Finally, if you have small children, this might be the thing that saves your other walls from the drawing-on-the-walls phase, while also nurturing their creativity.

3. Choose a different color scheme

color scheme

Sometimes, all a small hallways needs is a different color scheme. This way, you’re letting the hall speak for itself. Changing up the color is also a perfect solution for those who don’t have room for almost any furniture. It makes space feel less empty.

If you’re going to get your hall repainted, take some advice from many Australians who use Sydney house painters services. They know that by having the job done professionally, you’re ensuring high-quality, and an eye-catching color which will stay fresh for years to come. Whether you go for something bold like orange or yellow or decide to tone it down with a neutral and natural tone like green, blue, or grey, the right painter will bring out the room’s full potential.

4. Think wall decor

wall decor

There’s always room for quality wall décor, regardless of how small you think your hall is. Think of the walls as your canvas, and don’t be afraid to go for unconventional and quirky wall décor. From inspirational signs to arranging wooden letters in your desired message, anything can serve as inspiration.

You can also decide to welcome everyone with a family atmosphere. Hang up the most beautiful family photos you have and dedicate some wall art to the meaning of family. With the right wall décor, you can send any message to your visitors. From goofy to sentimental and meaningful, they’ll know exactly what to expect from you and your home just by saying your art.


As you can see, you don’t have to rack your brain about how to decorate your hallway. Regardless of how small it is, you’re bound to find the perfect decoration that will suit it better than anything you’ve imagined. We’re confident you’ll light up every time you come home, just from the awesomeness of your hallways.

4 Ways to Enhance the Hallway of Your Residence
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